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Ver 1.4 is out! D-pad support!

Thanks for all the patience and stuff during this time while we fixed a crapton of bugs and offered you D-Pad support. Finally! No more sliding woes for those who were stuck utilizing joysticks! We also addressed the issue of having the Mega Buster not blast through weak enemies as well as increase the speed of Rush Jet slightly to make it more speed runner savvy. There is a bunch more we did but you can check out the dev log for that on the download page! This 'should' be the final, definitive version of the game file now!
As for the biggest addition: Hard mode! It is truly sadistic with an increased amount of enemies all placed in the wrong spots to completely screw you. Not to mention you take double damage from everything! So upgrades like the Recover Chip, EX Recover and others will suddenly become quite important to you. I know it can be beaten buster only because I've done it. But I don't think it can be beaten without taking a hit. Good luck to anyone who attempts that challenge!
Enjoy the game again everyone and for those who have yet to play it, enjoy it for the first time!