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Potential DLC content - will need assistance...

Ver 1.4.1 is finished and the game is more or less finished and 99% bugfree. We are finally happy and done with the overall game. However, I have so many more ideas in my head for reimagining the levels of other robot masters that I was thinking of making DLC content in the form of additional robot masters stages 'outside' of the main game with the potential to bring new weapons into the main game by beating these 'side' robot masters. (the weapon aspect may be iffy, but fighting additional levels and robot masters is not)
My only concern is that I can't program the bosses...Jman did that for me and he's basically burnt out and refuses to work anymore outside of fixing bugs. I don't blame him, he did a bang up job on the game and he deserves rest. However, if new DLC content appeals to you, then I'll need a programmer who had Game Maker 8.1 Pro (not studio) to program some new boss patterns based on AI pattern descriptions I give you. You'll be credited of course. If there is a possibility of getting new weapons into the main game, we'll try for that as well.
For now, a lot of people are clamoring for Mega Man 2 representation...so after much thought and looking at all the weapons we have now, I figured the best boss to start with would be....Quick Man. Who's willing to help and got the skillz to do so? Again, this is a request, if it doesn't get filled, its no big deal. But just thought it'd be neat to release a new DLC level every few months for those hankering for some more Megaman.


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I would be extremely happy to help with this project. I have been following the development of this game for a while and think it is one of the best fan games out there! I am extremely experienced with Game Maker 8 and while I now work with Studio I still use 8 sometimes and had done for years! I am also a big Mega Man fan and pretty much know every bosses AI patterns off heart. If you are willing to let me work on some DLC stages I think I would be able to get about 3-4 stages done by the august.
Wow, this is an extremely late response to my help request. :D
I mean, I've lost a lot of the project files regarding this DLC, so it'd be a struggle to pull everything back together for this DLC that has long since been abandoned. I could give you what I have, but not sure what more we could do with it.
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