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Ver 1.5 update planned - some changes...

Well the first big change is detailed above. Shortcuts to the midway points of all robot master stages after its been beaten once. Now there are two methods that are being debated here. One method is demonstrated above, which is the teleporter hidden in the first section or so of the level. The other method, offered by my old programmer is to give the option at the stage select screen instead to just skip to the midway point upon level completion. You thoughts?

Next big update will be hopefully be the recalibration of how the MM Killers work. It'll be similar in nature now to how MMX2 X Hunters worked. Where once they start appearing, they'll randomly pick 3 of the select levels and you'll get to see their face icon in the level window of the stage select screen if they happened to choose that level. THAT way you can choose to avoid them if you wish or replan your order strategy around the levels they've chosen. No promises on this one since it requires a big rehash of coding to get to work.

Thirdly, we are going to make easy mode easier! Why? Because I've been watching LPs of being STILL having a hard time on easy mode and giving up. *sigh*

Finally, we are now reconsidering putting back the 100 room challenge, but scaling it back a bit so that it's a bit more manageable to create. It'll be more like an endurance challenge than anything else.

And of course...fixing some other bugs that cropped up since last version.



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It's coming in a bit late, but I'd personally prefer having the option to simply choose to start at the midpoint if I want to from the stage select screen for any cleared stage. I'm not sure if that would interfere with the Mega Man Killers if you implemented the MMX2-style stage movement for them, so it might be beneficial to disable the midpoint warp on a stage if a Killer is currently on it.
Or just ensure they don't appear in stages that are already completed. :)
If you are still looking for an extra programmer for the DLC stages you talked about in a previous blog I would be happy to help. I have experience with gamemaker 8 and studio and have in the past worked on a few megaman games which didn't really go any where.
Well, that sounds awesome flapperultra. If you can give me some examples of your work, I can most likely take you on board the 1.5 update and maybe change up the way the MM Killers work as well as finally implement the 100 room challenge. Finally, we can add 8 more DLC stages to the mix. The only work you'd possibly do there is program the 8 bosses and any additional enemies (which won't go over the single digits honestly).

If I sign you up, I'll give you the GMK file for you to study and browse the coding and you tell me if you think its possible to do what I'm asking. :) Looking forward to your response.
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