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Game updated to Ver 1.3!

I will post a dev log below this for those who want to read it, but this is the definitive version of the game now. Barring any other bugs that might crop up, for which we'll release minor updates for, there should be no more drastic changes to the game, levels or its difficulty. You either need to adapt or quit, your choice. I tried to smooth out all the rough patches, but I'm holding firm to my overall difficulty setting.

Finally, in this version, I've released all the maps of the game in all their uncompressed glory. So for those who like to scour over the maps to find every detail and/or secret, you can do so here. I've also included all the completed rooms of the scrapped 100 Room Challenge idea. Unless there is enough interest for the feature, I don't think we'll complete it, but at least see what it could have been! Crazy combinations of obstacles and ideas meant to tax your platforming skills to the limit!

Either way, redownload and enjoy the game anew or for the very first time!


Ver. 1.3:
- Fixed a bug where standing still while being hit by an instant death object like magma beams would sometimes not kill you
- Fixed a bug where hitting spikes while standing on a platform would do nothing.
- Fixed some potential collision/activation issues when stepping on the flip platforms found in the Intro Stage and Stone Man's stage
- Eddie no longer gets stuck if you enter his room and immediately activate his item throw before he starts moving.
- Potential optimizations in rooms in Toad Man and Tornado Man with lots of rain. Please report if slowdown issues in these rooms persist.
- Fixed a bug where hitting the weather balloon enemy with a Yamato Spear causes a second Mega Man object to appear and screw up a bunch of other stuff. He should turn into a balloon floating upwards instead.
- Rush Marine was not interacting with spikes properly at all and didn't have a proper hurt animation (unfortunate oversight). These issues have hopefully been fixed.
- Mega Man should now properly change colors when changing weapons in the pause menu in all instances.
- Fixed a bug where hitting an aqua mettaur at the exact moment he closes his shell and becomes invulnerable causes him to start flashing and become invulnerable permanently.
- Yellow Devil is typically only vulnerable when his eye is completely open. This sometimes causes a well-timed magnet missile to not hit if it passes through during his blinking animation. Now Yellow Devil will be hit by a magnet missile regardless of his blinking state.
- Adjusted Star Man's expanding star attack and Punk's spiral punk shot attack to be slightly slower and easier to react to.
- Increased damage output from Pharaoh Man’s attacks to make him more lethal.
- Made huge swath of small changes across all levels to help nerf some difficulty unbalances as well as make drastic changes to certain rooms in specific levels, namely Pharaoh, Yamato and Wily Stage 3.

Ver 1.2.1:
- Fixed bug where magma beams wouldn't kill you if you had spike guard equipped.
- Fixed bug where freezing magma would cause it to go unsolid and have you fall straight through off screen and die.

Ver 1.2:
- Fixed some Rush bugs involving him disappearing upon being summoned on moveable objects.
- Fixed the Rush Jet bug where he would warp out if he hit an invisible Yoku Block.
- Fixed Transitions bug regarding rooms that weren't all the way positioned to the left.
- Fixed variety of ladder issues where you could get stuck between screens.
- Added more temporary checkpoints in the primary robot master stages.
- Added permanent checkpoints at the boss doors to all Wily fortress bosses.
- Slowed down the intervals for Yamato Man's ground deluge of spears.
- Altered a wide swath of level design ranging from platform to enemy placement to better accommodate instances of unfair gameplay.

Ver 1.1:
- Fixed a configuration button issue in the options menu.


The game is released! Nov 27, 2014.

The game is finally here! Go download it now and enjoy the final game y'all! Its been a long 6 years but its finally paid off! I am very glad of the support and kudos from fans across the years, it truly has helped us press on when we didn't even feel like it anymore! Granted, it isn't as fancy as some other fangames out there due to lack of new bosses, graphics, music, etc. but I hope it meets expectations and people enjoy it for what it is: another fun romp in the Megaman world!



The game has gone gold! Pre-launch trailer!

Your heard that right. The game has gone gold! Jman and I are going through the game a couple more times between now and the release date to catch any last minute bugs, but its perfectly playable as is and can be played from beginning to end with negligible hiccups. We are giving ourselves another week just to be absolutely sure we are delivering an awesome product; however one way or another, Thanksgiving Day is going to be a great day for Megaman fans! And to kick off the hype, here is the trailer:

Note: The first part is a bit tongue-in-cheek humor, don't take it seriously. :)


Almost there!

After a pretty scary hiatus, we are back in full swing! And guess what's left everyone? BUGS! And in fact, as of this posting, we only have 6 standing bugs left! That's right! 6! We are so close to completion that I'm going to propose a tentative date set in November...maybe around Thanksgiving? We'll see! Stay tuned!


Putting a call out for new testers!

A new beta build is being completed and should be done within the week. After its finished, we only have a few more items left to finish and a crapton of bugs I'm sure testers will find to fix, but then after 6 years, it'll finally be done!
So I am announcing this call out for any and all testers who can verify/show they have quality testing experience here on RMN to challenge my game. It is not for the faint of heart and I dare say I compare it to Mega Man and Bass in terms of difficulty; so if you can't measure up to that, don't step up to the plate of tester. Granted, we have a Ctrl+R cheat enabled so you can constantly restore your health, but we're prefer you not use that to get an accurate assessment of difficulty.
What we also need is testers who will be devout in providing feedback and bugs. The previous round of testers, although useful, eventually dropped off the face of the world and never reported back to us again. We want dedication, not something you do in the spare minutes of your day. If you don't feel like you can hack out the time to devote to this, don't apply either. Testing Mega Man games requires a certain degree of tenacity and perchance for repetition and tedium; so if dying in every single spot just to see what happens next is your thing, this might very well be your testing gig.
So we should have a build ready within a week's time. Who has the next month basically free to devote to this and the skill level to test it? Please step up and Respond here and PM me your personal email. Thank you!

Progress Report

MM:ROTF Progress Report!

Alas, it was a nice April Fool's Day prank on my part! The previous download was a fake and all you got was an exe that would hang you at the title screen. There was no real gameplay!
As an apology, I will give you all an indepth review of what is done and what is left to be finished before release:
What is done:
-20 levels of the core game
-All weapons coded
-All items coded
-All enemies coded
-All bosses coded
-Opening/Mid/Ending cutscenes implemented
-User interface/menus coded
What is left to be finished:
-Secret boss coded
-All upgrades coded
-Easy Mode coded
-Score system coded
-Bug fixing
That's it! Everything else is complete except for those few items. Our goal is sometime May or June. Please pray that we get it done this time around! I've been wanting to get this out for longest time and we are so close to completion! Hopefully it'll be worth the wait!

Progress Report

Easy Mode Demonstrated.

I apologize for not having the game ready in time for last December of release. A lot of real life things happened between then and now. Rest assured we are still steadily working on finishing up the remainder of the game and polishing up anything that needs fixin'! For now, I will show you a new addition to the game: Easy Mode! Due to some comments from testers saying the game is pretty hardcore, we've toned it down some. But we still want to maintain the Megaman like challenge; so for those who aren't willing to grin and bear it, we are creating easy mode that'll remove most of the challenge for you so you can more leisurely enjoy your Megaman experience!


Easy Mode Confirmed!

Since we are taking a few months more for polish, refinement and many other things with the game, we thought we'd address the issue of difficulty. The testers have expressed some concern that the game might be a bit too difficult. We've cut back where we could and modified stages and enemy/power-up placements so that the difficulty isn't brutal. Despite this, people still find it hard, even though I've played worse in other MM fan games and people don't seem to have much of an issue there. So there is only one thing for players left to do: either suck it up and learn to beat the game on your own skills OR play easy mode!
That's right! We are including an easy mode to the game. There will be easy-mode platforms that appear to cover key pits and spikes to make many hair raising jumps a lot less stressful. On top of this, new power-ups appear in many places in all stages to help you along. Finally, a huge chunk of enemies will simply...disappear in easy mode leaving the stages a bit barren, but doable by those lesser skilled. Finally, we are planning to have all your shots from any weapon do double damage to all enemies/bosses. So for those looking for a more casual experience, you can enjoy it here. For those who want the gung-ho kick your balls hard, play normal mode,mmmkay? :)


Going ugly...early.

I know I released this awesome trailer a few months ago with the statement at the end: Coming Soon...Dec 2013. I have to say that that may not be an accurate statement anymore. Don't get me wrong, we are moving towards a Dec release date, however due to real life complications and many other factors, this due date seems less viable now and it may get pushed back until early 2014. No real month set as of yet. It can' be helped and we will continue to push for release ASAP, but we will not ship out an unfinished, unpolished product. So we will take this extra time without a looming deadline above our heads to do just that. Hopefully we can produce a MM fan game that is worthy of your time with these extra months of work. Sorry for the disappointment, was really hoping for a Christmas release, but sadly, it looks bleak. So pray for us to finish in time, but also pray we get all the myriad of bugs and unpolished quirks out of the game first! Thought I'd go ugly early, and let you all know before it might become an issue.

Progress Report

Revenge of the Fallen Official Trailer!

The official trailer for the game: Megaman: Revenge of the Fallen. No annotations included, because none are necessary. Enjoy and be excited! We are on the home stretch! The game will be in your hands soon!

Note: Forgive some of the aliasing artifacts with the overlaid images, I only was able to do this over the course of 3-4 days with lots of real life intrusions.