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8-bit isn't dead yet!

Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen (ROTF) is a fan game made by Darkflamewolf (DFW) and Jman2050 (Jman). 5 years in the making how does this love letter to the 8 bit games of yore hold up? Read on to find out!

Game play - The game plays exactly like you think it would. All aspects that made Mega Man what he was have been carefully replicated here. Jumping, shooting, sliding, Rush adaptors, classic enemies, platforming goodness, it's all here. While the ratio isn't a perfect 1:1, nor should it be, everything will be immediately familiar to players of the older games in the series. Controls are tight and responsive and I never had an issue with them. Nor did I run into any bugs.

Of course the main draw of the game play is its subtitle ROTF. What DFW has done here is she hand picked robot masters from previous games in the series and has made her own all star roster. Starting with MM3 she picked two robot masters from each game up to 6 and then picked the final 2 from MM9. Of course what good is digging up old foes if you don't give them a few new tricks? Their patterns and methods of attack have been modified to make them more difficult. Each of the bosses is familiar yet not at the same time but these additions and changes to them are such a natural progression that you'd almost think they've always been like this. The same level of care was given to the Wily stage bosses as well who were also hand picked from games 3-6. Each of them behaves as expected with a few twists. Even the Mega Man hunters from the GB series have had minor updates made to them. Classic enemies remain mostly the same but a few have had alterations made to them most notably the floating Magnet enemies from Magnet Man's stage and a few others.

In addition to the changes to the bosses themselves the weapons Mega Man obtains from them have also received added functionality. For example Centaur Man's weapon seems to have been combined together with Gravity Man's weapon so it's not just a simple time stop ability any longer. Yamato Man's weapon now acts as a projectile and behaves similarly to the Super Arrow from MM5. Toad Man's Rain Flush can actually be used to cool hot surfaces now. It's all a very refreshing take on familiar material.

Along with the weapons Rush adaptors and sub items like the Energy Balancer make a return but rather than being purchasable from the lab these items have to be found in the robot master stages themselves. Most of these items are fairly well hidden and difficult to find. Spending the effort to seek out these power ups is VERY worth it though.

Graphical Design - Not much to say here. From the palette to the level graphics themselves the entire experience is what you would expect from an 8-bit MM game. Tiles are used as they should be and everything looks crisp and sharp. No complaints from me.

Sound Design - All the classic sounds are here with a remixed soundtrack pulled from VGmusic.com. Each of the stage BGMs were played on a different computer and then recorded into WAV format. So while each of them were originally MIDI files they all sound different and make for quite the varied soundtrack. Music to the ears of any fan of the series if you ask me.

Difficulty - Ah yes the big one. From what I can gather from the commentary balancing the game was one of the toughest things DFW and Jman had to do. DFW is known for the high level of difficulty in her works so how does ROTF compare to some of the other MM fan games out there and the original series itself? On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being "Push start to win." and 10 being "Welcome to die!" I'd say ROTF is a 6.8. Now this might be bias talking since I grew up playing games like this but I personally felt the game wasn't as hard as some folk made it out to be. I mean yes it has its tough spots but it's nothing impossible. My general rule of thumb when I play games like these is if I get stuck at a particular point I try something else for a while and come back with better or more varied equipment. Rush Jet, Rush Coil, and Tornado Blow are invaluable in this regard. These items coupled with the Energy Saver/Balancer make the tougher platforming sections a fair bit easier. Smart use of your weapons also helps so don't be afraid to blast everything on screen if you feel the need.

I personally had trouble with Star Man's stage (Gravity and LOTS of spikes), Yamato Man's stage (Long platforming sections), and Tornado man's stage (Weather effects and lots of other stuff going on). These 3 I felt were the hardest of the bunch with Stone Man's level trailing in a distant 4th place. The rest of the stages sans the Wily levels are a lot more straight forward and all they need is a clear head and a bit of trial and error to complete. For further comparison here's how I think some of the other well known fan games/original games rate when put up against ROTF. Bear in mind these are my personal thoughts and you're more than welcome to disagree with me.

MM1 - 6.2
MM2 - 5.0
MM3 - 5.0
MM4 - 5.0
MM5 - 3.0
MM6 - 2.5
MM7 - 7.0
MM8 - 6.7
MM9 - 7.5
MM10 - 6.3

MM Revolution - 4.0
MM Unlimited - 5.3
MM Rock Force - 4.8

Overall - This is a solid fan game from start to finish. The amount of love and care put into this 5 year long project shows through. If you're a fan of old school MM you owe it to yourself to check this game out. Time well spent I'd say.

~ Brocknoth


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Agreed. Especially with this part:
...these additions and changes to them are such a natural progression that you'd almost think they've always been like this.

The stages and enemies/bosses are pushed to their limits yet still feel familiar.
That's pro fangame design in my book and RotF topples every other MM fangames I've played so far in that aspect.

I also agree with the difficulty ratings. I recently played MM5 and MM6 for comparison and aced them so easily it left me unsatisfied.
Some segments in RotF might require several tries to overcome and perseverance is the key. Once you're familiar with the level design and know how to handle each challenge, most of the game is actually a breeze.

It's a great game for MM fans for sure (on Normal Mode). I've had non-fans play Easy Mode, they didn't enjoy it as much and gave up early on.
Yet I can't see how the game could be any better than it already is.
A well deserved 5/5. Keiji Inafune would be proud.
"It's frustrating because - as much as Corf is otherwise an irredeemable person - his 2k/3 mapping is on point." ~ psy_wombats
You'd give MM2 half the score you'd give this game, and 6 half of that. No, your points aren't valid.

EDIT: Wow, I feel dumb. Guess that's what I get for skimming.
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
@Corfaisus He was rating the difficulty, not the quality.
I agree wholeheartedly with that review. Very high quality fan game! Way to go DFW, this is coming from a very long time Mega Man fan!
But why is MM9 a 7.5? It's not hard (and it's the only retro MM I've ever beaten - I got close in 2 & 3. Haven't played 6 7 or 10)
I remember 9 being pretty middle of the road overall myself, but I always thought that 1, 2 and 3 were definitely much tougher to beat, especially when I first played these games back then when I was a kid. Today they are a total breeze now (although 1 still gives me some trouble once and a while - and I don’t even wanna think about Mega Man & Bass right now *shutters*).

Also, Kentona, really, you haven’t finished beating 2 or 3, let alone try 6 or 7? Maaaannn…you’re missing out! 7 is my favorite one in the entire series there, bud, right next up to 2 and 9. Forget about 10 though; that one isn’t as good – but you gotta at least try out 6 and 7. Besides, 6 is probably the easiest one in the entire classic series and 7 is generally overall pretty easy to beat except for a couple of difficult parts towards the end of the game, but, hey - you can handle it.

Also, seeing this review just made me realize that I have yet to finish my own review of this game as of yet. I better get on to that soon, lol.
I must just suck then, because I replayed MM3 on the Wii VC and totally got owned by Quickman in the boss gauntlet levels, and got stuck.
That’s why E-Tanks exist. Just use ‘em when you need ‘em.

Also, I hated the whole Doc Robot sections too, especially when I first played them when I was a kid. He's just too big to normally jump over when he's attacking (plus I think he kinda cheats).
I ran out of my stockpile of E-tanks. In fact, I think the only reason why I beat MM9 was because I could *buy* additional E-tanks from the shop.
I ran out of my stockpile of E-tanks. In fact, I think the only reason why I beat MM9 was because I could *buy* additional E-tanks from the shop.

Probably why we didn't have a shop in this game. It essentially nerfed whatever difficulty the game has.
Oh! Also! We got d-pad functionality working! So on the next release, those who hate using the joystick can now use the arrow buttons to move!
So what you are saying is that there is no hope of me beating this game
But why is MM9 a 7.5? It's not hard (and it's the only retro MM I've ever beaten - I got close in 2 & 3. Haven't played 6 7 or 10)

The ratings are just my personal thoughts on the game in relation to my own skill level and how I feel the games compare to each other. I grew up playing the MM series but as retro as 9 is it's still a step back on a few things. Not having charge shot and slide is weird. Screwed up my usual rhythm and I was rusty to boot.
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Well, you can change out the difficulty mid game if you must by restarting, going to options to easy mode and then rebooting your most recent save. With the ability in ver 1.4 to skip ahead Wily levels to get back to the one you left off at, there is no more reason to play it straight through in one sitting.
Double post...what is wrong with my connection today.

Double post. My bad!

No, it's not your fault. RMN's data traffic or servers are the problem. When you submit a post if the page doesn't refresh itself with your new post on it then just keep trying to reload or hit the 'Back Button' on your browser. Your post will go through, it just doesn't seem like it at first. I once made a post & kept clicking submit 2 more times out of impatience & triple posted, so it's not 'your bad'.
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