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Jump and Shoot

  • Dr-iHawk
  • 11/27/2015 04:43 AM
Megaman doesn't really need an introduction. A generation grew up with him. This game attempts to recreate the feeling of those classic NES games. I've personally beaten all of the old main series and the gameboy variants. It's hard to find something new that is such a good tribute to the classics.

Story - 3/4
Ok, so Megaman isn't know for it's story telling. It's an action packed fun-ride. However, this game has quite a bit of depth to it for a "classic" megaman game, and it fits very well into the already existing canon. This wouldn't be essential, but it is very nice for all the hardcore fans who care. However, the game starts off in the Robot Museum and quickly would become unforgiving.

Gameplay - 4/4
The gameplay consists of strategic jumping and shooting. Sometimes critical running skills are required. Most of all, the management of weapon resources and knowing how they can be used to solve any problem. A lot of old Robot Masters make a reappearance here. Some of them felt very different when I fought them, maybe it's the weirdness of using a keyboard. On the other hand, they seemed a bit harder to predict. The controls sometimes felt minutely delayed. This annoyed me on occasion, but it ceases to be a problem after some practice.
However, on the flip side, there are a lot of difficult jumps. Thankfully there are difficulty settings in the options menu. I was also very thankful about being able to remap the controls. If the controls were not alterable, I'd take off a full star.
The worst flaw of all is that checkpoints seem to be incredibly variable. At times they protect you from game overs, at other times they don't. You have to figure out which do and which don't. Additionally the game isn't as forgiving with providing additional lives as the classics are.
I also dislike the Robot Museum as an introductory level. The level clusters many challenges together that I wouldn't expect out of an introductory level and the boss has spikes over it that make cheap kills dishearten any beginner.

Graphics & Mapping - 4/4
As far as I can tell, everything is ripped right out of the old games. I did not see any noticeable flaws.

Sound & Music - 4/4
I'm not an expert in Megaman themes, but I detected nothing that didn't sound like it was ripped from a game. Magma Man's music did seem to loop a bit weird.

Atmosphere - 4/4
Perfectly orchestrated, as it should be considering the amount of rips.

Conclusion 18/20 or 4.5/5
This game is recommended for anyone who loves Megaman. Pick this up and play it. It is very much worth it.


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Some responses to your nitpicks in the Gameplay section: The checkpoints are not variable. There are typically two permanent (you continue there after a game over) and two temporary. The two permanent are ALWAYS either after the checkpoint midboss room and at the boss door itself. Any other checkpoints are temporary.
Extra lives are amazingly abundant if you do well on the scoring system. Literally every 25,000 points is an extra life. Start using enemy weaknesses and you get 300 points extra per robot kill which can only rack up your score and bonuses! Do well, earn well. (Or you could beat Centaur Man and just re-enter/exit his level a bunch of times and spam that extra life at the start!)
The spikes at the intro boss were put there for one reason: in hopes the player would die to them and get a game over: why? So they'd hit continue, ready to quit if they had to start it all over again and then realize: holy crap, there are permanent checkpoints!

Thanks for the review and glad you liked it!
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