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Points of Interest:

Chovian Fields - The fertile plains just south of Oderra village remain virtually untouched by the evil that has encroached upon this island. It provided an agricultural boon for the inhabitants with fresh soil and a variety of food sources. A natural spring in the southeast provided fresh water for the village and was visited daily. Niben Beach was used by the fishermen to sail out and catch fresh fish to bring home to their families every day.
Enemies Encountered: Crab / Mushboom / Octorok / Moblin
Rumors of Chovian Fields: There are few secrets to be had in this well-traveled part of the island. But for those who look hard enough, small treasures will reveal themselves for the daring explorer. A piece of the power of gold is said to be hidden here.

Oderra Village - The central hub of the society that once lived on this island. It was the focal point of life for the community. It consisted of a central marketplace around the main square and various celebrations were enjoyed by the people at the New Year’s solstice giving thanks for their bountiful gifts the island had provided them. It is now a barren, desolate town with nothing left but the living dead.
Enemies Encountered: Stalfos / Peahat / Goblin
Rumors of Oderra Village: For one who ignores the walls that are placed in front of them, you can find the inner depths of the village where a powerful weapon can be found which can strike far off targets. It’s also suggested that a stronger version of this great weapon can be acquired by sleeping in the haunted windmill.

Oderra Graveyard - Separated from the village by the Anderith Trench, where lava flows off the mountain and out through to the sea, it is the burying place of the fallen. It was once a sacred place where the villagers would go to bury and pay their respects to the departed ancestors. It is now haunted by the fury and loathing of the undead who have been brought back to life by the vile power that has infected the island. However, many mysteries await those
willing to brave the dangers of the grave.
Enemies Encountered: Goblin / Specter
Rumors of Oderra Graveyard: A weapon of great and terrifying power is said to dwell deep in the unholy catacombs that run underneath the entire graveyard. Only one pure of heart and carrying the power of gold has a chance to acquire this ultimate prize.

Dasa Woods - Once a forest teeming with game and food for the locals. It was a place where a young boy would go forth to hunt and capture game and come back to his family a man. By its proximity to the wastelands and the evil spreading from that vile place, it has now decayed and become a shell of its former self. The animals have fled leaving behind only that which was evil to begin with.
Enemies Encountered: Asp / Dodongo
Rumors of Dasa Woods: The forest has been stripped and most of its secrets have been laid bare, but there is still a magical device capable of burning through plants and objects and is said to be guarded by powerful guardians who are invulnerable to most conventional weapons.

Akavir Swamp - Lush marshlands that teem with animal and plant life. It is the final destination of all water on the island before it flows out through the Maaken River to sea. Encroaching on the halfsubmerged land-mass and saturated it with water to the point one cannot walk on it without getting soaked. It is an isolated place where few venture to dwell and was perfect for the establishment of the Morachs’ home base of operations at the Ebenar Temple.
Enemies Encountered: Moblin / Pill Bug / Crab / Goblin / Zora
Rumors of Akavir Swamp: The vast expanse that is the swamp covers a lot of ground and houses myriad of little secrets. A piece of the power of gold is said to be hidden here.

Vasshinghon Lava Flows - Once lush, fertile farmlands. Via the upheaval of the land by the evil powers residing in the island, the underlying lava sprouted forth from the earth and decimated the landscape with its scathing qualities. The lava drains out to sea at the flows’ mouth near Saavaar Cove. The animals died, the plants withered. The strong ones resisted and adapted to the harsh climate and have become lethal predators, preying on the weak and weary. What vile secrets lurk beneath this façade of destruction?
Enemies Encountered: Gibdo / Grasp / Mummy / Peahat / Crab / Pill Bug
Rumors of Vasshinghon Lava Flows: A powerful gauntlet is said to be hidden deep in the caverns beneath the flows, rumor has it that it can move heavy rocks from one’s path. For the brave, a magical boomerang lies dormant within the flows. A piece of the power of gold is said to be hidden here.

Tahou Woods - Mystical forest enchanted with the powers of the fairies that lived there. It was once a magical place teeming with life but has since lost its original glamour and fallen into decay. Now no one has set foot here in years. The defining feature is the Hammerad Lake in the forest’s interior. Up north beyond the forest lies the central governing monarchy residing in Bhalstok Castle filled with traps and tricks to ensnare the would-be treasure hunter. Along the coast of the woods lies the peaceful Kali Beach where it is rumored that a secret passageway beneath the forest leads to the castle interior.
Enemies Encountered: Deku Shrub / Pill Bug / Moblin / Plague/ Knight / Crab / Zora
Rumors of Tahou Woods: A deep, dark secret is lurking beneath this seemingly tranquil forest. An evil cult has infested this part of the island with their ilk and laid claim to the now-abandoned Bhalstok Castle. Where their secret entrance to their hide-out is, none can say. But woe be to the one who stumbles across it!

Glathriel Canyon - This beautiful canyon delves deep into the core of the island with the Keenan River running along the length of the entire canyon and eventually draining into the Yeven Basin. It was used extensively as a food and water source for the castle residents. Later in the war for the island against the rising evil, they utilized the caves strewn through the canyon to reach the fortress constructed in the west. Now all that is left of their efforts is the constant sound and flow of rushing water through the canyon.
Enemies Encountered: Pill Bug / Reach Frog / Zora
Rumors of Glathriel Canyon: For those seeking to be stronger than they already are would do well to explore this canyon from top to bottom to find the elusive Glathriel Sword hidden amongst the cliffs. A piece of the power of gold is said to be hidden here.

Zakerand Fields - Lying just beyond the borders of the dreaded wastelands, this peaceful field has apparently escaped desecration from the vile force permeating from the volcano. For how long this will last, no one knows. With Barrachas Beach to the west, and the lower reaches of Horgrus Mountain to the east, it is a relatively quaint area where the youth of the island would come out and hide out from their parents.
Enemies Encountered: Moblin / Mushboom / Octorok / Crab / Zora
Rumors of Zakerand Fields: Few secrets remain in the little area of Zakerand Fields, but those who choose to explore would do well to find the raft man who has spent years perfecting his maze, even onto and through his death.

Xaagan Wastelands - The home to the only other village on the island. This enclosed area was a land full of trees and plants. The villagers lived in peace amongst the forest where they built their village in the canopy. The evil struck here first because of its strategic location within the circle of rock ridges. It decimated the land and plagued it with disease and decay. It is now just a barren wasteland with little life left other than the undead. The Bashir Oasis is a dried up husk and the Plague Fortress of the evil stands tall. What evil secrets are lurking inside its walls that will be sprung upon the world?
Enemies Encountered: Gibdo / Lynel / Grasp / Stalchild / Sky Cap / Plague Knight / Drone / Vermin
Rumors of Xaagan Wastelands: There is a priceless treasure under the sands where only the grip of the hands can pull you to. A hefty treasure is awaiting those who have a keen eye for landmarks. The oasis can be reclaimed as a safe haven for those with ingenuity. A piece of the power of gold is said to be hidden here.

Horgrus Mountain - The source of the evil lies underneath this volcano. The Horgrus summit constantly spews lava down through the Boreal Flows to the Anderith Trench and out to sea. The lava has cut off most passable routes up to the summit leaving it a dangerous climb for any adventurer. This once use to be a prime place for hunting game for the seasoned villager hunter, and a place of worship as indicated by the constructed Svalbard Temple at the peak. Unfortunately it is home to more vile things and few traces remain of the uses that this mountain might have held for the people.
Enemies Encountered: Lynel / Stalchild / Tektite / Peahat / Battery Tank / Plague Soldier
Rumors of Horgrus Mountain: The Svalbard Temple was once a place of great worship to the ancient Gods, but is now in disrepair. Some say that a powerful piece of armor lies on the altar deep within for those worthy enough to claim it. A piece of the power of gold is said to be hidden here.