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Initial Quarry:
- When Link thinks to himself that his sword may not have washed up to shore that far, you better listen to him! Do not leave the beach area until you have recovered your sword, it could not have gotten that far.

Dead Men Tell No Tales:
- There are various undead residents taking up lodgings in the abandoned houses in Oderra Village. Their rumors and tales will subtly point you in the right direction of where to go next. And what they say changes after every major dungeon boss has been defeated, so check back with them often!

A Quick Exit Is A Profitable One:
- Once you have acquired the major item of a dungeon, it would be a wise move to leave and explore with it before going back and finishing it off. Do not worry, the areas that need to be blocked off until the boss dies will still be in place so you don’t wander too far off the beaten path until you have completed the dungeon. But by exiting with the item before finishing can net you some extra HC pieces and items you wouldn’t have gotten until later.

The Strength Of The Enemy:
- If you feel that the tasks set upon you are unreasonable and simply too hard for its own good, you are most likely right! This game will punish those who are not thorough in their explorations with every item they acquire. You must utilize every item to its fullest in your explorations to find all HC Pieces and necessary items and potions to make your future endeavors that much easier.

Save Often!:
- After you save, you will usually start pretty near the location where you saved. So always save when you get a new item or make any other progress in the quest.

Underground Transport:
- You will find a variety of warps underneath the entire island covered by mechanized plating. The price of entry will be but a bomb each time to use its warp, unless for some reason, the plate covering is faulty, then it’d only require a single bomb.

The Stout Heart of a Hero:
1 Before level 1: 4 hearts in life meter + 3 HC Pieces
2 Before level 2: 7 hearts in life meter + 1 HC Piece
2 Before level 3: 10 hearts in life meter + 1 HC Pieces
3 Before level 4: 13 hearts in life meter + 1 HC Piece
4 Before level 5: 15 hearts in life meter + 3 HC Pieces
5 Before Final Boss: 16 hearts in life meter