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Basically a bunch of screenshots

  • Mr.Nemo
  • 02/14/2013 04:02 AM
So I was reminded to update this with something and even though I've been completely occupied for these past two weeks, knowing me, I would probably still neglect to update even the slightest. so to make up for it (also I'm completely free for the next couple of days), I've decided to share with you a couple of screenshots and also give a link at the bottom for those morbidly curious explorers of the unknown (aka old solar tear demo)

So I guess you want some screens, right? Well, I feel that some of these really needs somekind of context to be explained.

Arbiter is designed around hub-based gameplay, or rather, most of the city is experienced through a number of bigger blocks which you are free to explore (not very different from towns in a regular jrpg, except they're more like npc-hubs with the occasional store... or nothing but stores as in some cases). These sectors also contain sub-areas (aside from regular interiors) and access to dungeons. Navigating between these hubs are kind of like regular world map.

so going with the theme of expansive, explorable hubs, rather than say, the narrow, linear and made-no-sense gutter that was Solar Tear, most maps are pretty big. Not big as in barren, but big enough to say, have actual gameplay elements (in dungeons anyhow):

(from two different dungeons, they haven't been populated by enemies yet)

The plot (which, I might add, is well under way!) is not too surprisingly, very linear and not incredibly long but I'd like to make up for that by letting the player explore and experience the city in all it's 16-bit glory. Aka, a bunch of sidequests that span over the sectors.

So, exactly how far am I into this thing? Well, the plot is less of a swiss cheese than usual (there are a couple of details that I'm working on but right now it holds together pretty well actually), there's a couple of half-done dungeons, about 8 blocks in varying degrees of completion (these are in general 80x80 each), half of the cast has most of their animations in-combat done, menu graphics (icons and stuff like that) are done as are most database stuff but balancing and combat is still very much in the sheets and statistics (hence I have no actual combat screenshots. also, they look like regular dbs shots so it's pretty boring). Oh and there's the original score which, uh, will hopefully be composed by a friend of mine.

It's a pretty wild progress. That takes breaks constantly.

Will it reach completion within this millenium? Yes. Before Line's End? Hopefully. This year? Something, I promise you that.

This was a bad idea, I'm too tired to make any sense, I'll just post some screenshots instead of rambling on

I also would like to make the following announcement

hey space noir why did you never show up

....AND HERE IS A REALLY SHITTY GAME (seriously, don't play this. I included it because someone wanted it but this is actually horrible) Three words: slow walk speed. Yeah.



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i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
The rugs overlapping each other seems... silly, like not what any interior designer would ever do. Everything else? Absolutely lovely.
You do a great job splicing and dicing resources from different sources to get that gritty modern look. I love it.
Love the atmosphere you've managed to achieve in the screenshots.
These maps look really well done. I really love the detail that you put into your maps, like torn carpets or bits of rubble on the ground.

I was looking at screenshot #4! It took me a moment to figure out. I know it's difficult to show depth in a 2D engine, like one staircase being lower than another. One useful trick is to make the lower area a little darker, like:

it doesn't even need to be so dark! Just a small change to differentiate the lower from the higher. :)

Everything else looks really good! Love the neon-margarita sign :0
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