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Hype Description:
This is a complete re-envisioning of Hyrule the way it was meant to be. Old places look new and unfamiliar, dungeons you have scoured many times in the past no longer bear the same treasures or the same design. Secrets that were once common knowledge have been lost and are hidden in new locations. The entire world has changed and you have to change with it if you want to survive. This is Legend of Zelda: Origin.

Developer Description:
Despite people commonly dismissing many remakes or revamps or in this case, re-envisioning of the original Zelda quests, this goes far beyond what you have ever seen for the 1st and 2nd quests. First off straight from the get-go you have a choice to either start the 1st or the 2nd quest in the same quest file. There is also an option for a 3rd xtreme quest after beating the second or straight from the get-go for those insane Gung-ho players. To top it off, you have selection of choice for which dungeons you want to play over the course of Xtreme 3rd. Three Quests in one, can you handle it?
Massive changes with everything built from scratch. Heart containers on the overworld are now divided into 15 HC Pieces, the remaining 5 scattered across mini-games which you must win to acquire them. New secret locations, new cave systems, new dungeon layouts that do not conform to the original in anything but shape, every single item in ZC is utilized and can be acquired, a new Dome of Trials has opened up in the world, the ability to save Zelda in a variety of ways and finally a special bonus challenge for those who manage to complete Xtreme 3rd. This is everything you've been wanting to see for the originals, but never saw previously in any quest thus far. This is Origin.

You can find the ZC Build needed here to play it:
Furthermore, if you need help running the engine, feel free to ask the friendly folks at www.purezc.com. They will be more than happy to help you out!

Latest Blog

Youtube 100%, 0 death Origin Walkthrough!

For those who are stuck, or are having trouble, or simple want to see all the secrets revealed, here is the playlist:


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This looks really good! Are the graphics all custom?
Not all of them. But a good chunk of them are custom. But its basically pulled from an array of sources from the net. They are usually put together in tilesets which can be found on the purezc website.
It is probably because it is still pending. Its been pending for almost a day now, not really sure why that is, probably because they haven't gotten around to posting it yet. Be patient, it'll be up for download sooner or later. Its out of my hands now, honestly.
I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.
I approved the download because I wanted to check this out.
It's a file that you can run with the zelda classic build linked above.
Unfortunately, I won't be playing this or Lost Isle until I can get the window size larger. I can barely see anything.
I'm not one for Zelda games but this one particularly appeals to me, downloaded!
Oh wow... I am definitely going to have to play this sometime either this week or next! I love the detail that you put into your maps.

Your YouTube videos also really add a lot to generating interest. :)
Deckiller (and anyone else), to increase window size, put this in the command line as you run the program: -res 640 480 big
Unfortunately, it doesn't support a better resolution than that, but that's the best you are going to get.
Also, all the information you need to play a 'qst' file is found on this main page and the installation tab. So there shouldn't be any reason why you can't get it working. (and yes, I've tried the build on Vista and Windows 7, and they work just fine.
is it too late for ironhide facepalm
this is so cool! i am going to have to try this out. :D
Cool, thanks for the info. I'll try it after the Patriots game and pizza.
Just downloaded this, I will give it a shot before too long. Looks fab!
Once a member of RMN, always a member of RMN!
Sorry if I'm being dense, but how do I prompt the command line to enlarge the screen?
make a quick shortcut for the program pointing to the program and open up the shortcut link and place the aforementioned text after the program execution in the command line.
Once a member of RMN, always a member of RMN!
**Sorry, I only had the build downloaded, I didn't realize I need ZC. My bad...**
She means right-clicking your shortcut and clicking "Properties", then clicking the Shortcut tab within Properties, and adding -res 640 480 big at the end of your shortcut in the "Target" text box (i.e. "C:\blah\zelda-w.exe" -res 640 480 big). Make sure that you type it after that last quote, though.
Once a member of RMN, always a member of RMN!
ok... for some reason, that only started working... but the 640 by 480 doesnt work well for me. I used 600 by 400 and it works fine (i know they're goofy numbers, i was just fiddling). Plus, 514 by 448 works well too. Thanks again for the help; I not that savvy when it comes to this kind of stuff...
well, the main point is, you got it to work. Now enjoy the quest! (or quests, I should rather say)
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