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Hype Description:
This is a complete re-envisioning of Hyrule the way it was meant to be. Old places look new and unfamiliar, dungeons you have scoured many times in the past no longer bear the same treasures or the same design. Secrets that were once common knowledge have been lost and are hidden in new locations. The entire world has changed and you have to change with it if you want to survive. This is Legend of Zelda: Origin.

Developer Description:
Despite people commonly dismissing many remakes or revamps or in this case, re-envisioning of the original Zelda quests, this goes far beyond what you have ever seen for the 1st and 2nd quests. First off straight from the get-go you have a choice to either start the 1st or the 2nd quest in the same quest file. There is also an option for a 3rd xtreme quest after beating the second or straight from the get-go for those insane Gung-ho players. To top it off, you have selection of choice for which dungeons you want to play over the course of Xtreme 3rd. Three Quests in one, can you handle it?
Massive changes with everything built from scratch. Heart containers on the overworld are now divided into 15 HC Pieces, the remaining 5 scattered across mini-games which you must win to acquire them. New secret locations, new cave systems, new dungeon layouts that do not conform to the original in anything but shape, every single item in ZC is utilized and can be acquired, a new Dome of Trials has opened up in the world, the ability to save Zelda in a variety of ways and finally a special bonus challenge for those who manage to complete Xtreme 3rd. This is everything you've been wanting to see for the originals, but never saw previously in any quest thus far. This is Origin.

You can find the ZC Build needed here to play it:
Furthermore, if you need help running the engine, feel free to ask the friendly folks at www.purezc.com. They will be more than happy to help you out!

Latest Blog

Youtube 100%, 0 death Origin Walkthrough!

For those who are stuck, or are having trouble, or simple want to see all the secrets revealed, here is the playlist:


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zelda-w.exe IS the program you want to be running. That's the player you need to run the quest. Please read the installation tab instructions on this game page once you open up zelda-w.exe in setting up the game.
I'm a dog pirate
Mapaholic who likes Zelda and has made/has aspirations to make a fangame (or two). Are you my twin?
I love the way it looks but I walked up to a sign and it opened the sign and then would not let me out. the music kept playing and i could bring up the emulator's control panel. What could cause that?
You should be able to just press downwards and it should back up out of the sign graphic. Try moving around.
It’s your actions.. not your strength, that would lead you to victory.
You should have a video tutorial on how to download this file
and play it. Because all I can do is play the old NES Zelda.

So, after finishing up Lost Isle, I started into this. I'm half way through the 1st Quest and loving the changes and remakes. My only off-hand comment is that it isn't obvious you have to bomb your way into the first dungeon - I ended up completing the second dungeon before that while exploring around trying to figure out how to get in. Hoping it stays just as good as I keep going.

You should have a video tutorial on how to download this file
and play it. Because all I can do is play the old NES Zelda.

When you're on the 'save' screen, press your A button on your save file, which is Alt by default. It'll bring up a new menu, press A again, and then load the custom quest from there. It took me a bit to figure out until I read the Lost Isle readme.
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