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So how do you install and play Origin?

To play Origin, you need the quest file "Origin.qst" and the Zelda Classic program to run the game. It is very important that you have the correct version of Zelda Classic! If you try playing Origin with a wrong Zelda Classic version it may end up in buggy and unstable gameplay. So when downloading Origin and Zelda Classic, make sure that your Zelda Classic says Lost Isle Build in it (Goto Misc -> About) like this:

When you open Zelda Classic the first time, you will see a warning message. Ignore it and click OK. After that you will see the intro of Zelda 1. You can skip it with enter. When the Zelda 1 style select file subscreen finally appears, you can choose any of the 3 files to start a new game.

To start a new game with Origin:
1) Select a file with ENTER and type your name, then press ENTER again.
2) To choose a quest to play, in this case Origin.qst, press A (unless you already chose your own set of keys for ZC, A will be the left "Alt" key).
3) Press A again. Then click "Browse". Find the quest file (Origin.qst) and click OK 2 times.
4) After all that, press ENTER to start playing.