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So what is Zelda Classic?

Zelda Classic is a free program for designing and playing games in the style of Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda for the NES.

Originally designed from the ground up to be a perfect imitation of The Legend of Zelda, Zelda Classic was first publicly released for MS-DOS using the Allegro library, on June 2000. Included with this release was an editor named Z-Quest, allowing users to reuse Legend of Zelda gameplay elements to create their own custom "quests," or games. The latest releases of Zelda Classic have been ported to Windows (Linux and OS X versions are also under development).

Zelda Classic's accompanying editor, Z-Quest, allows anyone without any programming knowledge to easily produce Zelda-style games. Many new features have been added to Zelda Classic after its creation, including the ability to add new graphics, music, items, and enemies. Because of this flexibility, some users have completely departed from Zelda, instead using the Zelda Classic framework to create games based on other popular franchises, such as Metroid, Super Mario Bros, and Mega Man. Zelda Classic is constantly improving and many versions have been released so far. Not many of the versions are stable and bug-free, but a special Zelda Classic version was made by the ZC developers for Lost Isle so that you can enjoy this quest without any unwanted behavior.