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Current Progress as of 01/28/11

Ok the current progress is that the game is on hiatus until we can figure out some problems that we are having with the game. After all we want to make this game good.

1.)Trying to get custom tilesets made correctly since it is proving problematic to even set it up to the point it won't be to close to some other tiles on the same set when it is put into VX.

2.)We still need to get more sprites made since our spriter dissapeared on us before.

Update as of 01/31/11:

1.) We have someone working on the tilesets now and it is only a matter of time till I see how it is going and if it will work (which by my guess it should which means things can finally continue).

2.) Our spriter has finally returned after quite awhile being away so sprites shouldn't be a problem either.

3.) If any more problems or concerns come up an update will be posted, thanks.


Description of the game for those of you who can't find it.

A zombie RPG that takes place toward the start of the zombie apocalypse. The game switches off between different characters and as you will see they can impact each other. Everything in the game starts out fine but as you will also see it quickly goes into the action. This is just the first game in a series, so you can expect more to come. Also I could tell you more about it but I think I should leave it up to you to see.

The story to put it simple is that on October 1 at 12:00 the main main character John gets back home from a night out with his fiancee and decides to go on to his Xbox 360 and talk to some of his Xbox live friends (the people in the party are the other main characters, though there may be some that might be kind of like main characters that come into play later) in a party. But suddenly the power goes out and a zombie busts through the window and he is forced to take it down with his bare hands. At the same time one of the other main characters Brett gets off his Xbox after hearing a woman scream to find out that it is his mother who has been killed by a zombie. All the characters impact each other at times such as the whole Xbox thing and all meet up at one point as well but start off in different states. The reason they all are going toward each other? Well to answer that it is because after their orginal reasons for running around (to escape or to see if someone is alive and if so get them out of there) they get bad information about a supposed safe spot (which each person hears is in a different spot and the supposed safe spot).

Also to finish off there is a mysterious Costa Rican salesman in the game (kind of like the merchant in RE4), and the game should also have music from the Resident Evil series and Parasite Eve 1 and 2.

If you have any questions or want to know more than let me know. ^^
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