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'''Migget Chainsaw Hands''' is a wave platformer game made by Rooster, Ironshanks, and Beaker for a 72 hour game development competition in 2003. It won best overall, and best sound/music.

== Story ==

You play as an alien who gets drugged up with stimulants, and their hands replaced with chainsaws to fight in a gladiatorial arena. In a rage, you escape from your prison in a vain attempt to kill as many ordicators as possible before your end.

== Controls ==

Left/Right to move

Up to jump (release to fall quicker)

Up to wall jump (when by a wall)

Control to attack

Alt to release a special attack.

== Gameplay ==

Being trapped, you fight off the evil ordicators and try to get a high score (number of ordicators killed).
When an ordicator is killed, they either leave behind a health blob, or a special pill. The health blob will give back a bit of your health, while the special pills can be collected and built up to eventually release a special attack (a different attack for each pink "X" over an orb on the bottom of the screen). Difficulty increases (health points of the ordicators, their speed, and the number of them on the screen at once) as your score increases, with the highest difficulty occurring at 200 and beyond.

== Misc Notes ==

This version is slightly updated from the original release in that it allows input controls to be modified by going into startup/scripts/input.js, and changing the variables given. A list of the key possibilities is given in /docs/keys.txt. This is not a pretty way of editing the input, but it is just meant as a quick modification for an old game.

As well, if you experience difficulty getting the game to run correctly, you can try running config.exe and changing the video drivers used, or the audio settings.

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Resident Terrapin
Remember to post a third screenshot, as a title screen does not count toward that total.

What's up with action games that use up to jump? It's so inconvenient.
Yeah, it's SO inconvenient! Putting the jump button right there, next to the movement buttons! This positively flabbergasts me!

I remember seeing this way back when on Game Hippo. Man, those were the days! Would you believe Cartoon Network showed CARTOONS back then? And you'd be hard pressed to find a game that was brown and full of bloom!

I know the fact that up is jump is a peeve to some (I know mainly from WIP), and nowadays I make a custom control menus so that everyone can map the keys the way they like, but coding a separate menu for it now would be more work than it's worth.

So instead, as listed in the notes at the end, you can change the input by editing the /startup/scripts/input.js file, if that would suit your fancy.
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