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finished hopefully?? download up soon (again hopefully)

  • catmitts
  • 09/16/2010 10:27 PM
I've finished working out all the battle stuff and have sent the whole thing to Pokemaniac to be testrunned so with any luck it won't fall apart once someone presses the wrong button or whatever. But otherwise this will hopefully be available soon!! It's short enough I guess and I deliberately left the battles quite easy for people who don't care about battles (me) but hopefully they're not completely boring either.

I actually enjoyed working with RM2k3 a lot (adopts sepulchural tones of withered CEO semienthusiastically summarising past fiscal year for bored stockholders) although I don't think I'd use it again! Like at best it's pretty fucking fun to mess around with chipsets etc and be able to build a lot of different places fairly quickly and uh generally design stuff in a much looser way than adventure games where every person and location means a bunch of work and should serve some plot purpose etc. So it was pretty fun to make places and explore them and do it all so fucking quickly. It'sgenerally pretty awful when people talk about the best and worst parts of their own games especially in a worthless blog post but I think the parts of this that I like the most are the ones where I could just play around with new ideas and sometimes found something that worked surprisingly well.
On the other hand: the battle system sucks dick jesus christ. Like I guess it's pretty inevitable that the simplified style of the rest of the engine wouldn't work that well for NUMBERCRUNCH or whatever but I still hated it a lot. IDK it's maybe because I don't like the basic turnbased battle system too much anyway or maybe I had unrealistic ideas to begin with (probably the latter) but working with it was a uh pretty constant procedure of thinking about potentially neat ideas and finding it couldn't do them at all. I dunno I guess it's okay for what it is but even some extra switch or message options attached to skills and conditions or things or like a handful of extra options for Conditional Branches felt like p basic concepts which were arbitrarily missing like the idea of scrolling levels in Klik N Play. Also just in terms of battle flow and presentation as well as having to adapt to the default algorithms rather than vice versa. Bitch bitch bitch but I don't wanna use it again.

But yeah basically I stand by my earlier idea that the basic use of the engine was to make the videogame equivalent of those comics you draw as a five-year-old about skeletons fighting batman or something or just play around with fun concepts (like even a generic rtp game doesnt have to be about EPICHERO all the time). Like in terms of the uh flow of the engine (at risk of sounding like some awful newage guy) I think it was a lot more predicated towards speeeeeeed and rawness than any of the other engines I've tried, even if the battle system is by necessity kind of unwieldy.


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Finished! Guys, play this when it comes out.
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