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1up.com feature and let's tries!

  • catmitts
  • 09/23/2010 01:24 AM
The videogame website 1up.com did a thing on Space Funeral! Their findings were that it induced sudden and uncontrollable defecation but in a good way (citation needed)

Also rpgmaker.net forum superstars YellowMagic and YDS have been doing some cool Let's Try videos which you can find in their forum topics here and here respectively. Also someone on youtube called ShutUpSoli (not an rmner as far as i know?? solitayre is this you. dont be shy) has started a Let's Play of the game which you can see here, it just has occasional annotations and not audio commentary so it's good for those of you who want the . . . Unfiltered Truth . . .

To prevent this blog from slipping further into awful egostroking stuff (is. . . is this possible . . . ? . . . in these . . . these strange times . . .the athens of the west aaaa sorry sorry) here is a really excellent video of some old Commodore 64 game that Ramci from GW showed me. It is basically GAME OF MY DREAMS BUT BETTER and you should probably track it down and start playing immediately! asdafas why didnt anyone tell me about this sooner


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Posted: 1 hour ago by frankcifaldi
I was playing this while eating lunch in the conference room, and it really drew a crowd. Game of the year material so far!

WHOA wow wow. two tails? that is a sexy idea...
yeah for some reason this game reminds me of duckhuggers art from gw so much. anyway, grats bro, i like when digital games like this steal the show from da chumps.
Circumstance penalty for being the bard.
I am 99% sure ShutUpSoli is not me, that 1% of doubt is due to the fact that I can't really be sure what I'm doing when I'm asleep.
I suddenly wish my Commodore still worked...

Stupid, fragile tape-decks...

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