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6000+ downloads and links roundup. today i am become death

  • catmitts
  • 12/04/2010 02:26 PM
It is winter. I am old. Moll sits in the corner with her knitting. I have no such luxury, withered hands long crippled by scripting-induced arthritis. My legs will not support me, my breath comes in harsh choking sobs like the pumping of some old bellows nearly rusted shut. I sustain myself solely on distant memories of past glories, much as a dying planet is briefly warmed by the faint glow of long-extinguished stars. I must take stock of my possessions. No, not yet. First the links. Yes. I will build a pharaonic tomb in the deserts of my soul, that I may lie there and rest at last.

The GameJolt page for Space Funeral reached 6140 downloads at last count! There are also some good comments on the game by cool guys like J. Chastain of the "Monster Killers" webcomic http://monsterkillers.com/ and indie developer Cactus Squid http://cactusquid.com/!

Rock Paper Shotgun mentioned the game here and recently wrote a very nice article about it for their christmas pc game roundup here.

Wouldn’t it be nicer to live in a world where games don’t shy away from being as stupid, offensive, smart or strange as they please, and then go racing towards their target audience like hungry sharks?

The excellent Play This Thing! site wrote an article here where the author claimed the game got him into James Joyce and Les Rallizes Denudes. Better living through chipsets!

The TIGdb indie game database has an entry along with some very nice reviews which you can find here.

Colony Of Gamers wrote a good article for their 'Free & Worth Every Penny' column here

ANIMALBOOGY posted about it here and also drew some excellent fanart:

Softpedia.com added all of my games here. I really like the descriptions, expecially the one for Veggie Tales 3D: "Enjoy an interesting hand-drawn RPG about the American Dream." hell yeahhhh

The Onion Nights blog wrote a very good article which you can find here.

And 1up.com spent a segment of the at1Up podcast here talking about Space Funeral, or "Space. Motherfucking. Funeral" as it is called here. The segment starts at 10.35 but the whole podcast is worth listening to.


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I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.
This is awesome news! Congrats on garnering mainstream interest without resorting to having sex with mutants.

(Space Funeral doesn't have sex with mutants, does it? I haven't finished it yet)
I didn't want to ruin the end for you :/
I'm so happy and satisfied that this game is getting all that attention. And it's even more awesome that it gets the attention in those places, where people really do know what they are talking about and have such insightful things to say about the game.
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