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more fanart! also 10,000+ dls jesus christ

  • catmitts
  • 02/20/2011 12:32 AM
i'm really pushing it by now huh but i thought this pic by SirRailgun on deviantart owned

in other news the gamejolt page for space funeral has 10000+ downloads! i dont even know

so this blog isnt a complete waste i'm gonna talk a lil here about probably the biggest influence on this game, which was Gary Panter's "Jimbo In Purgatory" comic book. it's basically this berserk mashup of the entire western literary canon into an apparantly crude comicbook filled with robots and cartoon dogs. alice cooper and the evil robot from westworld both show up to declaim lines pulled from boccaccio's "decameron" and the text is entirely composed of lines sampled from other works, ranging from beatles songs to medieval poems to finnegans wake to what sounds like an imdb review. It's structured around Dante's Divine Comedy but what it's really about is the idea that there's this continuous dialogue going on through centuries of writing; people responding to or fighting against or quoting or misquoting or parodying each other in a lineage that goes from dante to boccaccio to chaucer and right through to james joyce and ezra pound in this huge bawdy cacophonous argument stretching across centuries. It's very funny and deeply bizarre and weirdly moving, and a lot of the mood in space funeral was very influenced by the strange rhythms and sense of discovery and unexpected linkage of this excellent book. the use of quotation and reference was something i thought was weirdly fitting for an RPG Maker game too with all the focus on rips etc, and proved to me that even when you were doing that stuff you didn't have to be tedious and dogmatic about it; if you pushed it far enough then it could become kaleidoscopic and exciting again, sort of like sampling in hiphop. the visual style of the book was also a big impact; a lot of gary panters work is based on the strangeness and grotesqueness of uh popculture characters. most of the book consisted of very stiff people moving up or down while keeping the exact same pose, which is (one of!) the reasons why there wasn't more animation in this game.

basically this was just a gary panter fangame all along lol so much for your 'originality' chumps *tosses dollars over shoulder, speeds away on vespa*


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Holy shit dude, that is some fabulous fanart! That's like... shit I would hang on my wall haha

That comic book sounds awesome, by the way. I liked the "stiffness" of the game. Animation wouldn't have had such a strong effect, imo. Yo yo yo remember what they say, good artists borrow, great artists steal!
H-holy shit that is amazing!

And 10,000 dls? Good job!
Congrats on the 10k!

This is the best fanart ever. When I first saw it, I thought you were just posting some random art from deviantart.

I'm working on a game idea inspired on Space Funeral. Partially. :D
Greatness deserves lots of downloads and good fanart.
WHOA wow wow. two tails? that is a sexy idea...
is that an image of wilfred rbrimelys dad????????
Sounds like what would have happened if T.S. Eliot wrote a comic book.

Also, if you've never read Finnegan's Wake... good, don't.
ahahahaha i tried to read it once but i... i was not strong enough...

"Highen ruff rivroot de Lay. Barf." - James "Games" Joyce
It still managed to be less uncomfortable to read than his personal letters...
It still managed to be less uncomfortable to read than his personal letters...
fart in my face baby *jacks off furiously*
that picture is totally my desktop background btw
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