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A Psychedelic Clusterfuck of Awesome Sauce!

This is my first review and although I should be nervous about that sort of thing I'm far too excited about this game to let that stop me.

The game in question is catmitts newest release Space Funeral and apparently his first released RM2k3 project. Being a catmitts game the weird factor alone makes this game worth playing. Mind you this game is best played while HEAVILY INTOXICATED (Underage RMNers may want to stop every ten minutes and spin around in their chair.) That said let us begin.

Graphics: 9.5/10 I hate critiquing other people's graphics when I can barely work MS paint. Still this is some good stuff. All graphics are custom made in cattmitts unique style of psychotic refusal to conform with reality. Considering the spatterfest dystopia of the gameworld everything fits even if it doesn't make sense at first glance. The only concern I had was that I sometimes had trouble finding the path to the next map.

Music and Sound: 11/10 This is where the game SHINES. Every song fits perfectly and there were a couple of Epic WTFs just to make the whole thing better. A RM game you should play with the sound ON? Who'd a thunk it?

Balance: 8/10 The battles were easy yet somehow very entertaining. Since the game did not focus on battles this is hardly a serious concern and it is enough that they did not come up simply as filler.

Plot Story: 9/10 You wake up in some upfucked monster movie with little idea of what you're supposed to do however a little exploring leads to some key clues and you're off to the races. The plot itself is simple but due to excellent worldbuilding you are quickly drawn into it. catmitts twisted sense of humor keeps you going even during the slow parts.

The game itself was fairly short and ended quite abruptly with a marvelous ROFLMAO. Definately worth your precious gaming time and I'm looking forward to catmitts next release. The only problem is that I ran out of beer before I ran out of game but that's not catmitts fault (and next time I'll just drink faster.)

Billwilliams signing off.


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Thanks for the review, I'm glad you liked it! I haven't actually played this while drunk yet but it's a tempting idea...
Wow... you just said so much in very few words with this review. I like it. You should review more.
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