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Funeral for all Clichés

When I downloaded "Space Funeral" by catmitts I had no high expectations first of all... After RMN featured some embarassments on the main page in the past few months, I thought this is one more. The graphics looked kinda crappy and the story sounded like absolute boring standard.
Still I started this RM2k3 game for some reason, and I saw a strange title screen with lousy RTP music playing. I was about to click on "blood" (the last of three "blood" options from the top) to quit the end, but I decided to give it a chance... and it was a smart decision.

Phillip, a sad boy in a pyjama with tears in his eyes which never dry, is immediatelly playable. He kicks off the adventure in his house. Yeah, that's right, there is no intro... unfortunately. After some time of playing you will meet "Leg Horse", a creature that used to be a horse, I guess, but for some reason got its head cut off. Their mission is simple: Find the City of Forms to give the world back its original appearance.

To be honest, the story is quite lame. Nothing creative. Instead the characters in the game are absolutely fascinating. You will meet the strangest creatures, some of them are full of blood or lost parts of their body or whatever! Since the graphics of the game are 100% original, there is not a single NPC in the game you already know from another game. Lots of them are just there to fill the map, so you don't have to talk to anybody, but still it's awesome just to have all these different beings and to laugh about their weird appearances. And so are the dialogues. Don't expect great literature or writing in this game, just enjoy the rest of it.
So for a lame story, but funny characters I give this...
2,5/5 points

Some things re just too easy...

From time to time you'll meet visible opponents on the map you can fight against. You don't have to, and you don't need to, because the balancing is so bad... but I prefer a too easy balancing instead of a too hard balancing. I consider myself a bad player after all and so I have no problem with games which are too easy. Still due to Space Funeral's low difficulty the battles between the bosses become a joke.
The standard battle system of the RM 2003 is used which works fine, but the interface design is quite lame. So I give this...
2/5 points

Here comes the interesting part about the game! Graphics are 100% custom, still they look crappy thanks to MS Paint. I have to say I like this way more than having one more game consisting of REFMAP, Rudra, RMXP RTP or other overused chipset styles. Also I'm a big fan of massive amounts of blood in games and this one is damn full with that.
The mapping is quite average after all. So the bottom line about the graphics is...
4/5 points

It's different about this point. You have RTP music mixed with some MP3s using vocals and other melodies. I'd never use vocal music in any game, nor would I take RTP midis. However the music all in all gave the game it's "psychopath touch" and some musics were absolutely important for the atmosphere. Even the ones that sucked.
I give this...
3/5 points

This game is the complete opposite to all these cliché RPGs out there. The atmosphere is the major thing here. You have the feeling to be in a creepy and cruel world of disgusting creatures and psychopaths. It would have been awesome, if the game had some effects that really make you scare. So this catches your interest, nevertheless I consider this one of the most innovative RM games I played so far and there was a lot of work put into these graphics and great character designs. A worthy game for RMN's main-page in comparison to many disappointments in the last year.

'cuz the RM God sez so!


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I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.
Did you really have to bring up the feature game drama?

Anywho, I like the review, though I would've given the Sound a much higher score, as I think it does more to set the atmosphere than anything else (even the graphics)...at least, it did for me.
all respect is restored
There's a broken image link.

Good review. :D
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
I thought this was going to be another hatin' review on SF, the way it started out anyways.
But this was a well written review.

Oh and Leg Horse used to be a man, like a prince or some bullshit.
Not sure if you finished the game or not, though.
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