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Play it. Love it. Weird it.

  • Kylaila
  • 03/02/2016 09:52 AM
So I have been reviewing a plethora of games for the upcoming event, and I felt pretty exhausted.
I wanted to play something fun. Something simple. Something like Space Funeral.

Ahh.. Space Funeral. If the creator is known for one thing - it is the bizarre, the weird. The good thing about Space Funeral is .. it is not just random as you often see it thrown about. Much of it is seemingly random, but it is a perversion of the connecting line, the standard tropes and more.
We all know mopey main characters with angry borderline abusive sidekicks. We all know NPCs telling us obvious facts about the world. And all of these are taken up in its own bizarre world "I heard there is BLOOD in the BLOOD GROVE".
It is an inherently flawed and upside-down turned world - but it is endearing and beautiful in its own way after you get used to its flair.
There are criminals for the sake of being criminals (their cigarette smoke forming "crime"), rotting towns, "error" mines, all kinds of whacky battle-descriptions, steaks running around eating grass. There are all kinds of jokes, all kinds of things!


The second time playing this the simple storyline actually became fairly obvious, but the first time it seemed simply intriguing, weird for its own sake - that nothing had to make sense. And both works well.
It is at times a little forced with sudden revelations (you may see it is a play on the many many forced revelations you see, or not), but it is a lot about clichéd or non-clichéd RPG worlds, degeneration and other fun stuff.

What carries a lot of the game is the great music selection with relaxing, interesting and sometimes sad music. I found it suiting the game very very well and made it much more fun and quirky than it would have been otherwise. The only gripe I had was in the first water-section of the game the music starts only after a few seconds, which is about as long as you need to travel to the next small island to land on, so you are simply left with silence.
Together with the whacky graphics, the colorful worlds and strange characters (you gotta love leg-horse), this game has so so much uniqueness to it. Every corner has been turned messed with, and it sometimes is almost too much. But from you yourself resting in a coffin, crying constantly while fighting, or a steak farm where nicely portioned steaks run around waiting for you to pick up - it is weird, amusing, and just jolly good fun. Plus, you gotta love pink water.

Gameplay is fairly straightforward - battles are simple and a mere means to procceed. There are a few special attack items to use, but you can do just fine with normal attacking and the occasional mystery spell for a random surprise effect.
Spells are fairly weak for the most part, but then you can make do without them.
Since encounters are on-touch and not always hostile, either, it is easy to avoid needless fighting, and they are fairly short to make them just a little side-distraction. There are even some pokemon-reference enemy encounter that had me laughing every single time.
Even if they are not blazing by themselves, I enjoyed the overall pacing of the game that made me procceed at leisure while keeping my attention.

There are a couple of dungeons, with some generous "avoid this, it makes ouch mechanics" (they work horrible, but you aren't really punished for not doing well) and there is also a pyramid where you can collect extra treasure if you avoid the residing mummies if you so desire. It is a fun extra.
NPCs are quirky and often have useful information for you - they can help you procceed, they can get you to the pyramid I mentioned, give you a hint for the steak you can sell at the best price or just have flavorful odd dialogue.

This is an oddball of a game. You may like this or not, but it has particularily great aesthetics and atmosphere, and I can really recommend giving this a shot if you are alright with a trippy ride.