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Featured! I can die happy now...

I can't believe it! I'm at a loss for words. This has been my dream since joining RMN.

Infection is featured! And on the day after Halloween, it's so perfect. Thank you so much!

To everyone that has made this game possible I'm so grateful. To everyone who has supported, reviewed or left a comment I thank you all very much. My dream has come true and I'm incredibly happy about this. :D

Happy Halloween!


RIP George Romero

My idol, Geroge Romero has passed away today at the age of 77.

I'm at a loss for words, and can only say that he inspired me so much and I will miss him dearly. I've always had a strong connection to him because we share the same birthday. Something I found out later after becoming one of his biggest fans.

Thank you for everything you gave the world and for changing movies forever, kickstarting the zombie genre and everything you've taught me.

This drink and cigarette are for you, George.


Happy Halloween RMN!

I hope everyone has or had a good Halloween!


Happy Halloween! & 5 year anniversary!

Hey zombies!

A spooky Happy Halloween to everyone and this most haunted of days.
Five years ago I released the very first version of Infection on Halloween!

So also, happy anniversary!

Thank you all and have a good and scary night!


Infection Prequel - Kessler's Run

Hello my fellow RMNers and fans I'm here to annouce the start of a new project in the Infection universe.
Kessler's Run is a prequel of sorts as it follows the character from the original into the past.
Two weeks before he encougntered Jonathan and Michelle.

It's going to be episodic, so I'll be releasing episodes pretty regularly I hope, as they won't be too long themselves, 30 minutes tops for each.

Without further ado, Infection - Kessler's Run

Check it out! I like to think it's an improvement. :)


Going to completed status!

Sooo, it has been a long time that I have worked on Infection off and on. And well it has come to the point that I don't have time for it anymore because of life and other projects.
It is my child and the biggest reason why im here on RMN and really ever used rpgmaker in a serious sense.
The game can be looked at as completed now because I had "chapter 1" done and the story ends well enough. So, for now Infection as it stands is done for the time being.
Im going to be uploading a new version soon that will have some minor updates and be the last unless I need to bugfix. (New ending boss?!)

Im not done with Infection in any way, and have some stories to still tell but that will be for the future.
I want to thank all my supporters over these years, it has meant alot and I have learned so much from this game and this community.
Keep an eye out for the latest version and of course for possibly a sequel or continuation of the original Infection!

Game Design

Mini-Game or Action Based Combat?

I've come to a point in Infection, where I'm really trying to decide on a gameplay element for Jonathan's final flashback.
I don't want to use the standard turn-based combat, I want it to be different. Because after this point I'll probably implement the same type of gameplay for the rest of the final flackbacks(the third in the character's series)

So, I'm looking into mini-game options that include some type of combat, since you'll be fighting or avoiding infected, and turn based just isn't going to work here because I don't want any stats, level, items, healing, etc to be a factor.
Another thing I'm considering is just setting up a simple action based combat system with melee, all on screen fighting.

I'll be looking into a few different options, and whatever I don't use now I'll probably save and use for another flashback sequence, so no harm no foul at this point.
I'm up for suggestions of what seems like an appropriate mini-game for a game like Infection, and if you want anymore details on what exactly will be happening I'm more than happy to share.

And that leads me to my final point;
What are your thoughts on mini-games? Especially ones that change the gameplay style like it will here?
And are mini-games a must for RPG style games? Do they help break up the monotony of the turn-based combat?

(Keep in mind this is only for a short segment of the storyline, but I'd still like to hear people's opinions."

I originally was just going to post this on the gamepage through a comment, but I don't post that many blogs and this seems worth it. :)
Because this is to everyone on RMN, not just my subscribers.


Infection Download UPDATE! (Chapter 2 DEMO INCLUDED!)

Hello my fellow zombie and horror lovers! I'm pleased to announce with the current update to the Infection download(with many fixes and added surprises to Chapter One) I'll be including a short version of Chapter Two for those interested in seeing the newest content as well as those new to the game, having the option of continuing onward in the game.
The new content isn't long, but I decided to add it in with the update and it has a stopping point that'll return you to the title screen like Chapter One did.

I haven't made it compatible with older save files, but I do plan too when it's half-way finished of finished. I'm only including it because of the update to Chapter One, and I thought why not?

So, for those that have already played and beaten Chapter One, feel free to wait for a separate download file and possibly the completed version. But for those that don't mind going through Chapter One again, it does have many fixes, updates and even some added content, such as items and a few new(small) areas.

I'll be uploading the download shortly, and it will only be a matter of time before it's open to download.
As always I try to ensure that I got the big bugs and make the game RTP-independent. But for those that find anything, please contact me via message or on the gamepage.

I haven't had much time to work on Infection, with the new job and everything as I would have liked to, but I'm proud that it's still going strong and in the works.
I appreciate all your support and love all my fans and those who give this game the time of day.

We've hit the 1000+ download mark recently and that overwhelms me with joy and I hope to see it grow further in the future!

Best of luck to you all, my fellow survivalists! :)

Game Design

Improving Difficulty

Hello everybody, there has been a lot of interesting discussion recently on game design that has got me thinking on game difficulty and trying to make the game not lose its thrill.

So, I'm here now to post some thoughts on improving Infection's difficulty! I know a lot of people say it's hard as it is, but since this is my main project and it isn't going to be that long, I figured why not make it as fun and challenging as possible?

I'll just start this off, and PLEASE give me your thoughts and opinions! If something doesn't sound like it would add fun, then let me know!
If it sounds like it could work and add some flare, then mission success!

Idea 1:
Stepping on skeletons causes minor damage, only once on first contact. After that they are "shattered" and not so dangerous to walk on. I like this idea, because it adds that survivalness when in the streets or a building. The damage won't be much, like 1-3HP, so you don't HAVE TO avoid them, but why not if you can?
-Logical reason: would you really step on skeletons?

Idea 2:
Infected, or any other enemies level up with you! For example, at level 3 or 4 the infected will become only slightly stronger, but not as weak as they were before. I was thinking this to prevent people reaching a higher level and being able to smash down common infected like flies and grind to level 10. At least this way, they prove more and more of a challenge as you raise level. They won't get superbeast or anything, just to be able to match you without getting slaughtered.
-Logical Reason: Helps with over-leveling abit, and makes it not so boring when you are higher level.

Idea 3:
Stamina system RUN/WALK! I've been thinking about this for awhile now, and I have had comments on it and I agree that this game could benefit for a running system. But like I stated before I'd have to compensate for you being able to run faster by either having faster zombies that can actually catch you, or you would get fatigue which could hurt you inside of combat or make you slower than normal for a short period of time.
This one is really up in the air, because to add something so helpful, it has to have a downside. So would it be better without it?
-Logical Reason: People run. People run from zombies fast. But you can't run forever!

So these are just a few ideas I wanted to throw out there, I will probably implement Idea 2 just because it seems like a no-brainer.
I'd appreciate any comments or suggestions, and I will add to this blog with any further ideas, but only if I have 3+ more, I'll let ya'll know!

On a different note, I've entered the Hallow's Eve contest, as I'm sure many of you have!
I hope to get something finished, but I'm not too sure, we will see though. I've actually had time to work on Infection, so I can't put it on the back burner for a game contest.

Anywho, cheers RMN!


Infection-New Edition! v.3

Hello everybody, I know recently I said I wasn't going to be working on Infection much, but in my spare time I've been working on the next version I want to try out of Infection.(v3.0!)
This is going to be very different from the previous versions, as I want to focus on storyline and not so much about doing quests and whatnot.
For starters, I'd like to list a few changes:

1- Converting over to the 2k3 engine using the DBS
2- Black and white graphics, or grey tinted
3- New zombie/infected battler sprites
4- Random encounters, no on screen events On screen events with randomly numbered infected.
5- Plans to make houses/buildings your shelter/timed infected attacks
6- New music!

And like I said, I'm going to be working hard to have a good storyline implemented and work on dialogue and that sorta stuff.
I know this game has gone through many changes and versions/play styles, but I'm really liking the feeling of this one, very creepy and eerie.
The battles will be much more interesting I can assure you. Now that I'm using the 2k3 dbs, infected can attack you if you're idle during your decision phase, you can get grappled and held and have to break free with an all new skill tree called Survival.
So I'm excited about the battle system change up the most I think, as I think the old one gets really repetitive, this time around it should be much more survival then just a simple hit and go, turn based system.

This will be coming soon!
I'll try to have a playable demo out and show all the changes that it has undergone.
Thanks everyone, and to my subscribers, hope I can please the zombie/horror enthusiasts out there with this version!

(I know I've shown a similar image to this one awhile back, but I have the colors right now and like the BW/grey style!)
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