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STAND-ALONE Testing! -Success-

Hello all!
The recent testing I did for Infection to be Stand-Alone(RTP independent) worked perfectly!
So now I'm very excited because those new to the site or just browsing will be able to play without problems, and that opens a lot of doors!

In other news...

-Tweaked enemy life and stats
-Tweaked many melee weapons as well as adding new ones
-New items and medicine added
-New areas added, such as the South District Park and more explorable residential housing
-Fixed some buggy events (STILL HAVE A FEW TO IRON OUT)
-Tons more searchable food everywhere
-Encounter rate fixed for Blowfly Swarms

Mainly a lot of small things but overall a better product for demonstration to those just playing the game.

I'll be working on finishing up the Introduction to the game shortly, which will be a playable segment before you reach the Safe Zone, showing you the basics of the gameplay as well as adding storyline.

Thanks everyone!


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I've got a lot of things on my plate right now so I can't promise anything, but I might be able to play this some time soon.

Been meaning to play this but wanted to wait until it was further into completion :3
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
Been meaning to play this but wanted to wait until it was further into completion :3

By all means take your time! :)
This testing is more to see if everything is in working order to be stand-alone(which I believe it is now), it isn't a big release or anything.

So yeah, I'd wait to for a more completed product which has more storyline involved, it's in the works!
I have to run an installer? No.

Guess I won't be playing this game :/ I would suggest a simple zipped folder. What purpose does it serve to have an installer for a 2k3 game? >.>
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