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LOCKPICK System announcement!

Hello everyone, I'm happy to announce that I finally got around to working on a Lock-picking system for Infection.
I've been wanting to do this for quite some time now, pretty much since the beginning of version 2.0, but never tried implementing it fully.
I wanted something somewhat unique and different, and something that wasn't too difficult to repeat as well as code.
And this is the final product as it stands:

It's really quite simple and won't ever be too hard to do, the main challenge for harder doors will be the time limit, which will vary from difficulty of the lock.
Changing this to reflect character skill level of "Lockpick" which gives you more time the higher the level you are. -As suggested by drakiyth, thanks!
So time given will start relatively low until you get more levels, for each level you will get +1 point to your Lockpick skill(Starts at 5), and time in the lockpick challenges will be decided by your current lockpick skill x2.
(ex. Lockpick Skill of 7, will give you a timer of 14seconds.)

Basically what you do is match the top "image" of columns with the bottom columns by either choosing to adjust the column or leave it alone and move onto the next.
Not every column will always have to be moved each time, but if you do choose "Next" on a column that needs to be adjusted there won't be any turning back and you'll ultimately fail the lockpicking session.
So you'll have to be careful and look closely, but be sure to get it all done within the time limit!

If you do succeed in picking the lock, you'll be awarded experience points which will of course vary again on the difficulty of the lock, and of course gain access to a new area/room/etc.
If you fail, the lock will become broken and unusable, thus disallowing you access.

I'm still working out a few minor problems with the system, but I can assure you you'll see this somewhere in the next update.
I hope this will add some fun and sense of "puzzles" to the game where I think it's lacking.

Cheers. :)


STAND-ALONE Testing! -Success-

Hello all!
The recent testing I did for Infection to be Stand-Alone(RTP independent) worked perfectly!
So now I'm very excited because those new to the site or just browsing will be able to play without problems, and that opens a lot of doors!

In other news...

-Tweaked enemy life and stats
-Tweaked many melee weapons as well as adding new ones
-New items and medicine added
-New areas added, such as the South District Park and more explorable residential housing
-Fixed some buggy events (STILL HAVE A FEW TO IRON OUT)
-Tons more searchable food everywhere
-Encounter rate fixed for Blowfly Swarms

Mainly a lot of small things but overall a better product for demonstration to those just playing the game.

I'll be working on finishing up the Introduction to the game shortly, which will be a playable segment before you reach the Safe Zone, showing you the basics of the gameplay as well as adding storyline.

Thanks everyone!
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