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Main characters using the inbuilt face generator.

I made anew of this project from RPGmaker 2k3, and now into RPG Maker XV Ace format, separate in game acts. Maybe not big or small, we'll see. So screenshots
will be changed later on.

The game is about the descendants of the dream walkers who come together to fight the nightmares they soon forgot, and will come again.

There's just about 11 characters, (the 11th character is mainly a guest sometimes, and won't be playable a lot throughout the game).

The characters are situated in the world of Yaweth. A world built on island like countries and properly a continent or two.

Everything has changed, I put them back in high school, properly college later.


Age: 16.

Bio: Lives in the capital city Kindred Kingdom, as a student of the community school of Kindred High and promising writer. Along with her father Charles Xavier(I know, X-Men, fuck, properly change his name later on) whose a retired soldier of the Kindred Military who went onto become the best blacksmith in the region. She had a mother who passed away after giving birth to her, very sad. Has two best friends since childhood known as Alice and Earnest who support her all the way throughout her life. And likely though graduation.

She and Alice has a special kindred bond. And likely has a crush on former student Alex(who their ages are likely different she's 16 and he's 18, no pedo, (Alex isn't likely to get a visit from chris hansen soon, their romance will comply throughout other acts as Caroline ages) who has become the best and youngest soldier in his brigade, and properly surpass his whole squad. On that note, this game will be more romance-orientated. But not for Caroline and Alex. Earnest and Alice may have their turn first, but not everything will be solved. Gosh, this is like a tv show, and their shippings. :p


Age: 16

Bio: Also lives in the capital as well along with Caroline, as a student. And is learning
martial arts, and has become top student in class. And even has taught more of her students
in her teacher Zai Kai has. And properly as a able tutor for newbies. She has parents whom
are proud of her achievement to be genuine and strong in her character, and could raise herself
without their needy help. Has a closeness with her best friend Caroline, they can't stay apart.
Is bothered with Earnest who worries about her, and protects her because she might endanger herself.


Age: 16

Bio: Has the same path as Caroline as a writer, and dreams of better things. He's quite popular, and well received, even if he's intelligent, and not so troubled by other kids, and their jealousy. Is a grade A+ student amongst the rest. But sometimes even lowers his grades to impress Alice, that his ego isn't taking over, and not overshadow his friends.


Age: 18.

Bio: Graduated very early thoughout highschool, and trained fast as a Kindred soldier, years later, is now a squad leader of the Kindred forces. His skill is outmatched, that even six Courtwood soldiers couldn't defeat him. Has a crush on Caroline thoughout the series, never admits it, due that would weaken him, but he knows love conquers all. Has parents that is retired generals, that once lead soldiers into battle and even a older sister whose in the military, but can't let his sister overshadow his performance.

And many more characters to be revealed....

Also there will be a time-skip. Allowing characters to grow, and see
how their relationships are going. And obviously end up into adulthood.
They can't stay young forever, this isn't The Simpsons.

I don't know what features in Ace there might be, not confirmed.

Latest Blog

Dreamwalking On The Ace

Yep, moved this project to Ace, I feel like every project I do will be on
Ace. lmao. I updated characters info in the main section.
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Resident Terrapin
Everybody, please welcome benos to RMN...... Another maker has come home
My mind is full of fuck.
Thanks Magi for your support. Will try my best for this project. I had this idea for years to come, and written a game walkthough for it, sadly got lost in a hard drive crash. Oh well.

This looks good. Lots of variety and color in your maps, keep it up!
My mind is full of fuck.

No it isn't, just a bump and preview my tiny peck of demo, before rpgmaker.net closes off.

Will contain things that out of place, see anything that's bugging you, tell me. There maybe message box disorders where it's too hard to see the letters or stupid sentences.

Properly my first upload to a site where I actually release something. :p

I can't promise you it's all that great my first game as much. Even so admitting it isn't great is quite a flaw really.

Review it badly as much as you like, because the game demo really isn't much of a demo, just something, but not much.
My mind is full of fuck.
And this version, is just a test-beta version, so there isn't a skip to titlescreen to the demo, just get to the park area, and it'll go from there, but just quit out if there nothing else to do though.
You didn't package the download correctly, thats why the filesize is so small. You did not include any of the resources needed for this game in the download.
My mind is full of fuck.
I used gamedisk, so it's on pending status to being uploaded to the site.

Should be in that mode where you can setup the game anyway. But it isn't much
to be hoped for.

Twelve acts to be exact. Act V will be a full two parter.
My mind is full of fuck.
Alright, I deleted the download, and will put resources later on in the week. Though It might abit delayed due to having a gaming lan on.

Edit: Yeah, pretty much delayed. wtf am i doing, yes. Mapping.
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
Isn't it a bit ambitious -and risky- to start out planning to have 12 parts?
My mind is full of fuck.
Well, Of course I'll split them into two act parts. Unless I could do some sequel continuing her adventures. I already have some plot ideas for the first one, and what's going happen, written in wordpad and etc. I know it seems much. But I'll see what I can do to lessen it to 9 or 10.

Seeing as I put Part One of Act I, it can lessen the effects of huge numbers.

And i got some great names for acts though. So I'll sacrifice some. Guess I should try a sequel. And make like 5 acts in Dreamwalker and the last of the 5 acts will be a cliffhanger of some sort. So if I ever do get though the game to the fifth act. Then Dreamwalker II: Acts 6-12, maybe should be the last one. Or split it more. I just split them up, none the less and see what happens.
My mind is full of fuck.
I put a character section, not much information, sorry. Soooooooooooon!

Have to remake the act chapter names, because of some damn virus that infected my pc a week ago.
Female protagonist, good looking and a lot of story to come it seems, subscribed :3
My mind is full of fuck.
Thanks Lyn :)
hope to see game demo here soon. Look forward to playing!
My mind is full of fuck.
I haven't done much with it, though. Properly not even as close to the first part of the act yet, just at the beginning, as much as my projects seem a little dead, and just on hiatus. I may even have three parts of Act I.
Overall, I'm too busy with my life though.

Only 63 maps done, and properly more in the city.

I completely have game making blocks, it's just hard to concentrate on one.

RPGMV seems to be alot of better.
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