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Progress Report

Minor Update and The road to the demo...

Right now I am developing the maps up to the very first dungeon. I have them mostly complete, except for the dungeon, 2 battle areas and a couple of houses that need to have indoor maps done.

After all of that I still have to work on populating the maps and add appropriate lighting to them. Then the more difficult part is to set up the Npc's to react based on your actions in quests and how you handle them. but I think it will be worth it.

Finally, the quest system. I am currently setting up quests as follows:
Some quests will be geared to Good alignment, Evil alignment, and some will even be generic quests that are neutral. And as I am sure you guessed, the alignment quests will effect your overall alignment. The plan is at certain levels of alignment, your characters appearance will change in accordance to your alignment and npc's will react based on that.
I mean come on, would you offer some demonic looking dude a cookie?...I mean I probably would, but I mean would a normal person do that? Don't think so :D.

Well back to work. Later! Demo Release date: TBA!


Suggestions welcomed here...

I just wanted to ask was there anything in the features list that you didn't see but would like to in the final game?
The list on the main gamepage is just what I thought up of and some may not make it to the final release if I can not figure out how to implement them. Though most of them I already have a good idea how I am already, or already have. But that possibility is still there, if I see no reason to continue to have a particular feature as the game comes along.

Well anyway, feel free to post your suggestions/comments away and I will take look at them.
I am mainly looking for features that you feel like should be added to this type of game that is not listed under the features list or even an improvement of a current listed feature. But any suggestions or comments are welcome! :)

But I do ask all suggestions be posted under this blog or easier viewing and to be organized. so please no replying unless its a suggestion/comment.

All insults or asshole comments is to posted on the main page...thank you! :)

Progress Report

Short-hiatus and still working on it...

I know its been a while since I been on here due to my hectic work schedule at my job and the family stuff. But I am still working on this project. It has just been on halt because of the above and that I am currently stuck on where i want to go currently in the game.

Currently I am going to develop how i want to handle quests, character development, and what route I exactly want to go with the story in the middle as I already know the ending. That and as I been procrastinating mapping, as I am perfectionist and I like quality over quantity. I spent a good portion of a week on the one picture of the courtyard showcased in the pictures section. And I am still not happy with it lol.

Anyway, any suggestions on what type of quests you would like to see feel free to speak up. Anyway got to go to work now so hopefully soon I will have more updates and hopefully a demo finally released. Cya!


Alright hopefully I get stuff done now...

I AM still working on this. Just been busy with my internship along with my job. And hopefully I will be starting my new job soon, so my life SHOULD be less hectic lol. I released some new pics and I am TRYING to shoot a demo out hopefully in the near future. The Demo will be based in a starting town, there will be quests to do and it will hopefully feature the content I want in it. Like CMS, alignment,etc.
Well I better get back to work, I will hopefully post more pics and an update soon.


Game Testers wanted...

I am seeking 1 or 2 people to play test what I have done so far. Now it isn't much, roughly maybe 20 minutes (including cinematic's) or so it will probably take you to complete.
What you will see is the intro, some npcs to fight, and the first boss battle. What I am looking for is a noticeable grammar errors, bugs, etc that I may have overlooked the 50th time i played it over lol. Just message me or respond to this blog and i will reply back with the link to download the game and along with it a little .doc file to write your report in, listing any bugs, grammar mistakes, and any suggestions comment you may have.

Now here's a list of things I already know or are still a WIP:

- The Hunter sprite is still missing the sword part of his animation, hes swinging but with a pretend sword :)

- Also the collision detection is slightly off with the sword, like if you swing down it will still hit on the square next to it, this will be fixed before the official demo release.

- You can access to the now broken menu with the ESC button, give you a tiny preview of what I have been working on. Though I will probally not make it interactive in the final version. It will just display what items/equipment you currently have and serve as a pause screen. This is still undecided as I am having trouble with the event coding.

There IS game content beyond the boss battle available to play. Although a lot of it is still a WIP, feel free to play it and tell me what you think of it so far and report any errors/bugs you may see. You can explore the Kindred Cathedral up to the tutorial area. The archives, which will contain LOTF lore I am still in the process writing and will finish when I get the menu and feed system operational.
The tutorial area is another WIP (see a pattern? lol). When I complete the mentioned above I can continue to write it, so that where the testing will definitely end.

I also don't mind if your good with common events,variables feel free to look at the setup I have. I am still learning, so any guidance to better it is greatly appreciated and welcomed :)

Well that is all for now, so looking forward to hearing from you :)


Break from school=Game Development=Alchohol abuse...er...I mean stuff gets done :)

After the grueling past couple of weeks in school I have a 2 week vacation before my next semester starts. YAY!!! So I am working hard on the CMS i had planned in the game. Although after a long hard look at the way it is designed, I will probably change the layout of it to look less zelda'ish lol.

What I have in mind is have like a top bar where the cursor is, and you can switch to the different pages (Main menu, Equipment, quests, items,etc)and by highlighting the corresponding button, a mini pop-up will appear under the top bar showing what the button represents. That is just a rough idea I came up with the other day. As of right now the CMS menu I featured on one of the production pics is in the process of being coded in the game. As of right now I am not even sure if I will even change it, as this is my VERY first CMS I have every worked on and I am basically learning as I go. I will see how it goes with this one and maybe I will change it later on before the demo or even the final release.

The way it's going, I should have it hopefully done by this weekend and I will post a pic of the CMS in action in the game, maybe in a video. I just need to find a good recording program to do so. So if you any recommendations on this, feel free to shoot it my way. Thanks!

EDIT:Yea due to the fact the CMS is not cooperating thee way I want it, I am gonna look in changing on how it's used. So as of right now I am working on some feeding animations. I have one done so far, I have like 3-4 more sprites to go.


Slowly but surely...

As I am back in school production is slowing down, as I found out my first day of class i got some papers due lol. But whenever I have time i try to work on it, lately i been putting off mapping and whatnot and focusing on trying to get the CMS drawn up, I will post a pic of it soon after i write this, because i want some criticism on it and any suggestions people may have.


Added a New page...

Added a featured abilities page listing the possible powers you can learn in the game. Like the page states, the final list may be different upon final release. As soon as the page gets added you can read them.


Update 2 (Still working on it :) lol )

Got the main characters battle sprite in, just waiting on the one and i can finish the demo. Since I got my net back at home I can now post regular updates now. So later on I will probably add more screenshots as I go along.


Quick Update

I finally did hear back from my spriter, he apparently got busy and forgot about the sprites O_o. But good news he said he will get right back on working them. Other then that, production is slow, since my schedule is busy with school and work, but still going at least. Nothing really new except I am working on some lighting effects for a map, which i will post soon. Hopefully in a month or two I can finally release the demo, just waiting on one sprite to be finished and then going through a couple play tests to debug it. Well if I have more news I will post here. I am still interested in help, if your interested helping me just message me and i will reply ASAP.
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