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I know I knwo - another cancellation of a neat looking project.

This is just me, finally admitting to myself that I don't have the time to devote to everything I want, and this is just one of those things that's sadly going to not make the cut.

If anyone wants the art I made, the tools I used, the story I thought up, or anything, and wants to carry this torch, or their own torch - feel free to message me, and I'll be happy to help you. I'd like to apologize to myself from the past - I let ya down.

And also, thanks to everyone who thought this game looked neat enough to watch! I'm sorry I let ya down.

EDIT: Here's the resources I made

The 2003 project, which got the most way there: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2a9hjqRISDcYXZYRElHbjRSelk

and the VX Ace Project, which got pretty far in porting: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2a9hjqRISDcbEdJVVhSR3lNRVE

If you open those up, you'll notice that there's a lot of dark purple squares: those are supposed to be the same black as the rest of the game - just I turned it purple for mapping ease.

Progress Report

Engine Switch - The Pact

I have made a pact, and I aim to see it through.

Every day for the last week, I have worked on this conversion. I will continue to do so until the entire game up to what had been completed in 2k3 is in VXAce.

I finished the death override handler which was MUCH easier in 2k3, but for some reason required stupid hacks in VX Ace. :shakes_fist: So, that's Day 7.

Most of the time you can see my progress in Discord, but because I want to put the most pressure possible on my, I will be posting my progress updates (sans images) here as well.


Game Design

Engine Switch

Hey folks, I basically have finally run into the brick wall that is the RPG Maker 2003 battle system.

Turn speed just doesn't make any sense to me! You broke me, you damn lovable rpg engine.

So, I've decided to port my project over to rpg maker VX, so I can have a nice turn-based battle system again.

This comes with it's own problems (mostly having to manually map again, and having to figure out my skills again) but I'd rather this game was fun instead of easy for me to make.

Feel free to mock me in the comments.


Rapport d'étape Cinq

Hello loyal listener, It's that time again.

I made a whack of new enemies (although I totally suck at naming them, so I'll get kentona's help I'm sure), A few more sprites, did more re-balancing (now weapons don't have ridiculous stats to keep up with enemy progress), and, as usual, got rid of various minor annoying things.

The majority of my time is spent making maps and diagolue, so in that respect, we're at the 40% point, thought in other areas (items, skills, monster sprites, monsters) we're further along. Though I am behind on attack animations. They'll be simple, not long, but still it's a pain.

Here, I added another monster I made some time ago.


Stay tuned.


The wrath of heaven is slow but sure

Thought I'd updatify you people (though, I doubt anyone actually reads up on these anymore)

I've finally managed to catch up to the present in terms of putting what items where, item prices, mook balancing, boss balancing, last few npc's in the latest town, picked all the music for everything, tested the game up to where I've completed and fixed all the bugs, and added another boss fight or two.

I had a few ideas kicking around in my head, not sure if they'll be a good idea or not, but I wanted to write them down in case I forgot.

Since I got a bit tired of the battle music, I was considering having the battle music change in a cycle after every battle, so it's a bit more refreshing (boss battles have their own musics). This would be quick and easy, I'd just have to decide what to use. Not something to awesome, but not too quiet either. Food for thought.

My other meandering idea was that when this whole thing was over, I would release a few joke Flavah packs for the game. Basically, it would be just changing the colors to something more summery or fruity. Orange, strawberry, lime, lemon (THAT would be hard on the ol eyes...) that sort of thing. Just something fun to do when the project is completed.

Anyway, I've pretty much got the whole game scripted up until you get all the characters, and I also have in my head how the endgame will go. I don't think there will be more than one or two segments in between there, so I'm happy. I even have a good way to make a sequel if it ever comes to that. I just think this world would be well served to have more stories in it. But, maybe that's something other people might also like to do? Man, that'd be awesome.

Hmm, since I rarely give you guys any tasty morsels of actual content, I feel a little bad, so I'll be posting a little something fairly soon - keep an eye out!

EDIT: Here's something: http://rpgmaker.net/users/Hexatona/locker/Elemen.mp3


Wherein the world you are in is a ghost

Hey everyone, thought I'd give you an update.

I'm still workin' away at it, so don't worry about that. I just don't like posting about it - it gives me that instant gratification that keeps me from actually working. Also, and most importantly, I'd like most of the game to remain a mystery, and be a nice surprise when it is released.

I guess I'm running into the same problems as all game makers: feature creep, and trying to fix what was done before. It's inevitable that when you design enough past what you've done at the beginning, you can't help but look back and be less satisfied with it. I try to avoid that. The other issues I have are balancing story and world building with game progression.

The game will be just as much about your quest as it will be trying to understand this strange new world - but it's hard not to "blow your load" right at the beginning to help the player understand what's going on, but it's very important to both leave some things to the imagination, and leave some for later.

Not only that, but you have to be willing to let go enough of your premise to let there be a fun game. I don't want to have to explain absolutely everything just so everything is consistent to the game world - I have to be willing to just let some things go, for the sake of it being a game.

It's also important that I don't keep the game in one mode (creepy/lighthearted) for too long, or it will be cheapened.

Anyway, I've nailed down a bit more of the story, added a few boss battles... created a few sprites for the future that I'm not quite sure what I'll use for yet. I think the most important design decision I've done so far is removed the World Map. The game is just too linear to bother with a world map, really. I think this really improves the feel of the game.


Minor Annoyance

If you have a monitor that represents colors more appropriatrly than mine, you may have noticed the TINIEST color discrepancies between these two images.

For those two can't tell the difference, the first has an almost black color with a code of 040006, whereas the second has a completely black of 000000. I had intended to make the entire game have the off-black.

I realized this was happening but only now really know the cause - rpg maker 2003 will approximate colors even further than allowed in the graphics files. The color values, at least near black, jump from 0, to 8, to 16 in-game. when in fact in the graphics the colors are 4, 8, and 10.

So, I've had to slightly alter the colors so that they, ya know, show up. Lol, now I'm used to straight up black :P

here's what it looks like now:

It's not PRECISELY what I had in mind, but what can you do. You just can't make it darker without going to straight black.


Progress so far

When I started this project some time ago, I spent the vast majority of my time tweaking the graphics, spriting characters, making maps, and crafting dialogue. It wasn't until I was half done the second area of the game that I realized that I didn't have any music, or any combat. Actually, I wasn't even sure I was going to have combat at all, and maybe make it one of those no-combat games.

Two factors that made me reconsider my battle position was that 1) The story itself loses some weight without combat, and 2) instead of looking at combat as a huge pain in the ass, I should view it as another way to show people more about the world. So I had to start putting it in.

This was far more difficult than I had anticipated. One thing I absolutely loathe doing is balancing rewards and difficulty. (This is primarily where I stopped in my roguelike development - but hopefully after this I'll be a bit better at it.) So I spent as much time as I could putting it off by designing enemies and a few bosses pixel by pixel.

Then came the dreaded time to test - it was a mess. I was either doing tons of damage or no damage, There were too many enemies, fights were too long, anemy attacks would spam or never show up at all... I would keep running into the engine at times as well. I was hoping to have skills that would inflict several status effects have a particular attribute, and that if a monster was resistant to that attribute it would effect the rates at which those status were inflicted - doesn't work that way... Then I tried making scripted battles, before I realised there wasn't an in-engine way to do that, so with some help from kentona I got a bit of a makeshift system in place.

So, for the last several weeks I've been balancing out item stats, enemy placement, enemy stats and abilities, and bosses for the first area of the game. I think I've gotten a bit of a hang of it, but I stil hate balancing. I'll try to reward myself by making individual battles as interesting as possible with my programming finaglery.

On another note, about the music. When I was first making the game itself, I didn't have any music. When I was setting the mood, there was no music, and I got used to that silence and thought the mood depended on that silence. Eventually, though, I realized that music could be another tool at my disposal, and not just something in the background, or another annoying roadblock to me getting back to my map making and dialogue writing.

The problem - I cannot write music. It just doesn't work, at all. After the first 10 notes in famitracker I have like nothing. But I wanted the music to be something special, and not just a bunch of midis off the internet (I hated the rtp ones). So I came up with something of a compromise that I hope everyone will enjoy. I won't really elaborate on it, but suffised to say there will be music from all over filtered to have a more 8-bit feel to it that meshes well with the simple 4-colour setting I've produced.

Lastly, I've decided to not release a demo of my game - ever - for two reasons. 1) I hope/plan to be finished by the middle of the year, and 2) I tend to lose all motivation in completing a project when I've already produced something substantial. I'm spurned on by the thoughts that people will have about the game when it's done.

So, to finish things off, I'll just say I'm on to the second area of the game, which is half-mapped and dialogued. The first part is all done, and balanced. With all the skills and stats figured out, and my battle making prowess has been trained, hopefully the rest will go more smoothly.
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