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Because stuff this dorky needs to be explained.

Elves of Galentar: (Color coded for your convenience.)

High Elves: Tall and majestic race that even other elves find arrogant and aloof. Pale skinned with blond or light blue hair. (Going for a bit of a Norse mythology feel with these guys.)

Wood Elves: Annoying nature lovers who somehow guard many magical secrets. Wood elves are small in stature with olive skin and brown or red hair.

Danburi or Swampelves: A race of semi-nomadic troublemakers equally at home above or below ground. Swampelves have dark brown skin with blond or reddish hair.

Dark Elves: A frightening race of evildoers that have rejected the Elf Gods to worship demons in the depths below. Very pale skin with blond or white hair and often heavily tattooed.

Halfelves: Don’t think I need to explain this one. Halfelves were bred in large numbers during ancient times for use as slaves and arrow fodder.

Verakdi or Bloodelves: One of the Elder races. In their natural form they have burgundy skin with reddish hair. Black nails and teeth (which are the last thing you see, if you see anything at all.)

Fire Elves and Sky Elves exist but will not be part of this game.


Reactions to the recent Let's Try.

The guys from Wombat RPGs recently did a Let’s Try of this game.

Which can be found here.


I’d just like to share my reactions with all of you.

-Swampelves are not Dark Elves. I need to explain that clearly in game well because… shit this dorky does not explain itself. The Half Drow I had in my earlier (and very bad) games have slowly evolved into a race I’m calling swampelves or danburi. I was really trying to step away from the whole DnD Drow thing with this game.
-Swampelves are kind of stuck in the middle in this world. They’re too shady and disreputable to be trusted by the ‘good elves’ yet not cool and evil enough to hang out with the super awesome Dark Elves.

-Some of the characters do have Blaxsploitation elements in them but that’s mainly me trying to come up something that not generic fantasy dribble. Hope I’m not offending any white liberal college students here.

-By Satan’s great hairy balls, do I need a pixel artist!

-You also burnt through your items a hell of a lot faster than I expected. Actually if you were in BADASS mode Alfred would have killed you, raised you from the dead and made you his zombie bitch.

-I absolutely need to completely redo that first level. It’s just fucking embarrassing at this point.

-Change town music. Change or even just plain remove default menu sounds.

-No more excuses, Steal skill is a top priority.

-Just added a couple of flavor items Crunchy Bugs (30 HP) and Gnome Grass (10 MP) No real reason for that, it just seemed right.

-I’m planning to have a decent story with a heart wrenching tale of faith, betrayal friendship and redemption. You can however completely ignore the story and just go kill monsters and take their shit, then use that shit to kill ever more fucking monsters.

-One final thought. These LT/LP's really are very fucking useful to the game maker, especially those of us who don't have a reliable playtester.


AUg 18th update added.

Ok I've done enough that I'm almost happy with it. I also rewrote the game description to match what I'm actually doing rather than what I had originally planned to do. The new setting is actually quite a bit darker if a little more coherent than the haphazard generic fantasy one I had originally thrown together.


The rewrite is about 90% done with the game itself about 20% complete.

about 1/3 to 1/2 of the 3rd level is done.

-Some of the dialogue is incomplete.
-Observe skill will not work for most of the third level monsters.
-Steal skill still not implemented.
-and some of the (third stage timeline) town changes haven't been done yet.

Still it's much better than what I had before.


Hasty update planned

You know a smarter man would have given on this game a long time ago but since I keep coming back to this dead end project like a sucker we might as well have some fun with it.

I was told night that someone actually wants to do a let's play of this game. Considering how much I love LPs especially ones that rip horrible RM games, I really had no choice but to agree to go along with it. All I asked for was few days to get the newest version up.

I'm currently well along the process of rewriting the dialogue to fit the new setting and in the process making some of the NPCs more interesting to talk to. I haven't added that much to the game play since the last release over a year ago. Having maybe a third of level 3 done.
I did add a difficulty level called BADASS mode that gives you tougher boss fights. I've also worked Iron and Silver weapon traits into the game (which won't have any major effect until level 4)

I should have a new (mostly rewritten) download up by Friday.


This game is not quite dead... just very badly wounded.

Okay it's been nearly four months since I touched this project but since this is the closest thing I have to a competed game the smart thing to do would be to focus on it until I'm finished and then move on to something that sucks less.

I am going to completely rewrite just about everything since there have been some fairly major changes in the setting and I probably do need to rework the threadbare plot into something semi-believable. I working right now on an 'article' called the Revised Races of Galentar which I'll put up as a page in a couple of days or so. I'll just summarize the major changes for the one or two or you who might actually care.

-The World of Galentar has a name now!
-Prince Mylon of Elvenburg also has a name and will have an increased role in whatever lame plot I can come up with.
-Swampelves like Wooter are no longer Half Dark Elves but a distinct race of their own.
-I'm splitting the Elf race into Wood Elves and High Elves. This does effect the two Elf characters but not all that much.
-Religion is going to play an increased role in the game. As is racial tensions within the city of Elvenburg. The religion aspect is going to get very personal for Wooter and Tara.
-The Wizard Character is now a very bitter Half-Elf rather than a boring human.

Known Problems with the Game:
Graphics are a major issue and will likely to remain so. I'm still planning to use mostly RTP and default settings but it would be nice to to find something, anything useable. Facesets in particular are a pain in the ass. I've found a few dozen 'elf' faces and I've been using those but many of the characters in this game are Swampelves with 'chestnut brown' skin so things don't quite fit. Let's not even talk about battlechars...
If I could edit my own graphics I would do so but I'm a neoluddite who can barely work MS Paint and I know better than to bother people by asking for help.

Sound and Music: Less of a problem, since I'll actually to able find music once I care enough to look for it. Currently most of the music in Get the Shiny was simply borrowed from the game Three the Hard Way. (which I cannot recommend enough)
I have been trying to put some thought into what music is played where.

Steal skill: Steal is not working and since this is the closest thing to scripting I'm even planing to do with this game. I really should get off my ass and get it out of the way. Wooter needs a Steal skill in other to give him something to do in the first level other than spam enter.

Ok well that's my thoughts of the night. With all the other crap going on in my life it'll be a least a month before I get through the rewrite and have thing cleaned up to point where I feel it's worth releasing. Of course I'll still leave the old download up out of sheer laziness.


A Crisis of Confidence

I began working on this game by setting it in the same world as a novel (I will never actually finish). The world of that novel has since changed rather dramatically becoming less Tolkien-ish and more influenced by Celtic and Norse myth. This has created a rather interesting problem since the Elf Quest series (yes I was going to do a bunch these damn things) only works well with D&D like elves. I was also planning to use the Elfquest games to recycle the characters out of the Druman Action/Calesian Dreams fiasco with Wooter having the same 'Class' and background as Kell.

Pretty much the only way I'm going to be able save any of this to split the games and the novel into separate worlds. I'm planning to use the same Gods and most of the races in both worlds. This shouldn't really effect anything since there's almost no chance any of you will even actually read the novel. What will effect things is how much I've lost my motivation for working on this game.

In the last month or so I have almost nothing done aside from a few tiny changes here and there. At least half of the dialogue needs to be rewritten. I made the mistake of not knowing whether to make the game light-hearted or dark and ominous. Now that I have a much more solid idea of how the plot is going to work out, some of the cutesy cheesy crap is going to have to go. I'm focusing on the Half-Dark Elves
because they were the most interesting of the cultures I have so far come up with. Of course they are also the ones who are likely to have bad bad things happen to them.

I'm not looking forward to redoing or at least rethinking half my game but it has to be done. I hoping the New Year will have me feeling a lot better about all of this.


I've made some progress.

The battles really pick up in third level once you get the Wizard. You still have to be very careful with your MP but I'm going to add in enough MP recovery items that the Wizard can do his thing from time to time.

I'm maybe halfway done the third level (going to be a smaller level) but I've gone ahead and done most of the monsters for the fourth level as well including the Bosses for level 3 and 4.

I need to do some work on the town. Some of the NPCs are supposed to change what they say based on how far you've gotten into the game.


Bugfixed Download is up.

Okay I've posted a new download with several bugfixes. There isn't much new content but you can fight the random monsters in the third level if your really bored.

Thanks to Studio Zytharros for pointing out the switch error with the first boss.


"Good Enough For Now" Demo is up.

Okay I've put up a very early (and rather rushed) demo in hopes of getting some feedback.

This download contains the first two of about eight planned levels.

The first is well... (sorry about your eyes.) I'm planning to completely redo it for the next release. Should be able to blow through it in about 20 mins, anyway.

I'm a bit happier with the second level.

Graphics are almost entirely RTP.

Battle System is a barely changed default system. There is a very basic Scan system. I'm planning to add a Steal system in later release.

Music was taken almost entirely from the game Three the Hard Way. I'll find better music later but this is good enough for now.

This game is not meant to be a joke game. I'm honestly trying my best here. This was never meant to be more than a barely average RTP game that I was trying to save with good writing. I'll let you all judge whether or not I succeed.


Planning to have the first DL up in about a week.

I'm about halfway through the second level of the dungeon and I've got the town more or less how I want it. Once I've got those two things done I'll put up a download.

This game is set in a fantasy world I came up with while my computer was dead for two months. I've hammed up things a bit to make it more of a game but if you see any weird terms that''s where they come from.

I'm using the default battle system and graphics but I think I've balanced the battles well enough to keep things interesting.
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