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Because stuff this dorky needs to be explained.

Elves of Galentar: (Color coded for your convenience.)

High Elves: Tall and majestic race that even other elves find arrogant and aloof. Pale skinned with blond or light blue hair. (Going for a bit of a Norse mythology feel with these guys.)

Wood Elves: Annoying nature lovers who somehow guard many magical secrets. Wood elves are small in stature with olive skin and brown or red hair.

Danburi or Swampelves: A race of semi-nomadic troublemakers equally at home above or below ground. Swampelves have dark brown skin with blond or reddish hair.

Dark Elves: A frightening race of evildoers that have rejected the Elf Gods to worship demons in the depths below. Very pale skin with blond or white hair and often heavily tattooed.

Halfelves: Don’t think I need to explain this one. Halfelves were bred in large numbers during ancient times for use as slaves and arrow fodder.

Verakdi or Bloodelves: One of the Elder races. In their natural form they have burgundy skin with reddish hair. Black nails and teeth (which are the last thing you see, if you see anything at all.)

Fire Elves and Sky Elves exist but will not be part of this game.


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This might've been informative before we did our LP, haha. No more "black elves."
This might've been informative before we did our LP, haha. No more "black elves."
Yeah sorry I didn't have everything worked out before. The game setting was changing so quickly and I was forgetting to explain things. Of course they looked like 'black elves' all the other elves were 'white' :P
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