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In the old Island of Azulea, the natives were pushed away from the land they once held. The ones who conquered the land have settled and created a new civilization on the Island. Now that the King is near death, there are 2 groups that are fighting for the throne.

You can change your class once you beat the 1st boss. Before then, you can choose which starting class you want your characters to be, out of 6 of them (Fighter, White Mage, Black Mage, Red Mage, Thief, Monk). You gain ABP after a battle, so once you get enough ABP, the character can learn an ability from their class. There are 40 quests in the game to take.

Latest Blog

Warrior / Lancer class

I have occasional updates on my tumblr on what I'm working on. I don't like to post EVERYTHING I do but I do want to get to working on a longer game this time!

If you're wondering... it's Paradise Blue, on RMVX Ace, that I'm working on now!
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  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
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  • 10/13/2007 10:33 PM
  • 01/11/2019 07:10 PM
  • 07/29/2009
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I found a mistake: The quest where you have to get the sword from Marsall Town says ''Location: Seaside'' which is wrong. It must be Marsall Town of course. This mistake leads the player to a totally wrong place! D-:
Resident foodmonster
"Quest: Get the sword from Marsall"
The location is for the quest giver. I didn't have enough space or else I would have put "Seaside Base/Marsall".
loved it I espcially liked those paladins
Resident foodmonster
Thanks! I had fun designing the paladins. Was it the skillset, stats, or just general look you liked for them?
I liked their looks and stats most of all and my paladin knows triplecut which works well with his class
Llorcan is so hard! I'm like level 31 and still can't beat him! just to make it worse I can't find anymore EXP giving monsters!
Resident foodmonster
Nope, you should end the game at around 25-30. 31 is the max though I think I've reached 32 one time. You can beat him at an earlier level if you're careful. You can still go to the Azuras River area to gain ABP though if you want to master some class abilities.

I would start with making sure everyone is Hasted (I like to hire an NPC for that), have someone with Time magic in case more Haste is needed and for Slow, someone with White, Blue or Summon magic, and Songs can help too. Blue is pretty helpful if you have BigGuard and WhiteWind. White would be nice for Dispel, Summon for the Ancenforce and Ancera. ArcAncanger does pretty nice damage too.

Or you can be cheap and get a lot of gold, get the $Toss ability (I *think* Assassins already have it), and throw everything you've got.
thanks you didn't need to help but still thanks for the help
thanks you didn't need to help but still thanks for the help
Resident foodmonster
Oh it's okay, I've had various people find difficulty fighting him. I've received a pretty good suggestion of having the last boss be easier but tougher if you've beaten the optional battles, but I think I'm done working on this game for the moment. Good thing for me to keep in mind for the future!
Holy Cow, Llorcan fell like a mighty ofe oh wait not like an ofe as an ofe wow don't get me wrong but I didn't expect him to go down so easy. Thanks but now I'm sad. : (
wow I hate not being able to edit comments
only 90s kids will like this admin
I know! I was here earlier today and was thinking the same thing.

However, it is a finished polished game. What is left to do except to sit here and garner downloads?
I guess you're right but,it's a little sad.
I guess you're right but,it's a little sad.
Resident foodmonster
Eh I don't mind. As long as people try it.
Sneak to appropriate position
Take out knife or other sharp object
Apply knife or other sharp object into wound of enemy
Back away so no one knows you did it