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Added new pages

  • Ocean
  • 01/02/2012 01:08 AM
A new page is added now, on Class abilities. I really should have done this earlier. The class ability page in the game itself only shows you what is the next skill you learn. I figured while I was updating my page, I'd add that too. If you have any other requests, feel free to let me know.

Got the walkthrough up too. I didn't realize I didn't have it up. It was written by IMaAK. If there's anything else I could put up that I have forgotten or that you'd want to see up, let me know!


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Perhaps you could post some of YOUR preffered combinations, classes, hired people?
Just a little curious.
Resident foodmonster
Hmm, well I try to vary it a bit but I rather like this class group:

Paladin, Fighter, Blue Mage, Summoner

I got Fitzhugh and Tania, for Initial strike and Haste to the party.

Archers are really good for random encounters.
If you have the money for it, Assassins can be really nice. I tend to stay away from abusing $Toss though. They're also nice for big groups too.

I actually like having a Bard/Dancer around, especially for the beginning areas. I'd definitely learn their Sing ability at least.
Yeah, I liked the sing ability! It is what helped me do 639 or so damage at level 5.
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