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Now Hiring

I need somebody to co-develop the project with me, the requirements are:
1. MUST work with Photoshop (CS3 and above). I use overlays in all maps, and to be able to help me with mapping we need to be with the same tools. Help in map development is what I need the most at the moment.
2. I might need help with dialogues too, so being creative in that area and have a wide vocabulary sure helps.
3. You don't need to be a great scripter or eventer, but it would help of course.


Faces and some filters

Project is going a little slow, as the work on it is becoming a bit overwhelming so I intend to hire some help for some things.. if you're good with illumination on maps or character set poses i'll be needing you, lol,
msg me up about it.

I have some interesting news, PendagonBuddy from, rpgmakervx.net did a few edits on my face sprites (although they are hardly used in game) and made them look more alike the character sets, and it looks awesome. check it out on the character pages, he did Nad and Jonny. (all the other characters are still not used in game and FAR from their final version)

sswave from rmrk offered to compose an original soundtrack, so let's see how it'll sound later.

i also fixed the battle sprites a little, some people were saying the robot felt too stretched. thank god for hq2x filter, if anybody knows some better ones, i could use too, but for now it won't look better than that lol

anyway thanks for downloading and i'm glad to see a lot of people liked it



Be sure to check out the download today, it's still early version but it has the intro and the prologue, hopefully enough to give you an idea of the game.


Upcoming Teaser - Hiring Beta Testers

I will be releasing a teaser of the game soon, with some of the content. And i would very much like to hire some of you to beta test it and help me with some things i am in dobut about.

If it interests you comment on this post or somewhere and i'll talk to you.

It will be released in about 1 or 2 weeks, check the new screenshots too, by the way.


Working on my methods, and nerw character revealed

Finishing up my methods for stuff like transitions, scene activation, dialog, etc.
that rly doesn't say anything to you all lol

but there is a new character revealed at the character page, the Nereid, Wiegraf.


Intro done, starting game scenes

Well i'm not sure I'm happy with it , but it's a simple intro.

I just realized i might need somebody to beta test things as i make them,
if anybody has time and nothing better to do, just talk to me about it and i'll send you stuff so you can help me with ideas.


Working working...

Have been busy fixing out the battle scene.

I have added a few frames of animations to enemies, i have a bunch of interesting sprites for the enemy battlers and their gonna look great... i'm still not sure i want to animate the party members, they look ok on their "walking" battle poses lol.
i'm not great at doing character poses at all... i can do simple things, but anything complex kills me. if anybody is interested on helping out, i'd appreciate it lol, ... there is time to fix that tho, no rush.

also had an idea for scenes with larger starships, and i posted a VERY work in progress screenshot at the images so you can see. imagine it with much more objects, light effects, and more tiny characters around and u get the picture ;p

anyway i'm going to create a nice screen effect for the battle start and battle end... and have to fix the victory aftermath script too. wish me luck ;D


A few screenshots

Yesterday i got to making the menu scenes, and i'll be posting some results.

a few of these might change a little,
my menu scripts are mostly from YEM, with the layout of the main menu by Shanghai, but i didn't like much of his other "FFXIII" looking scenes, so i figured out how to add backgrounds and etc and created my own ;p

the battle HUD is still alpha but i like how "clean" it looks, i might add a little more info around, but i don't want it polluted.

anyway, thanks for checking out ;D
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