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Now Hiring

I need somebody to co-develop the project with me, the requirements are:
1. MUST work with Photoshop (CS3 and above). I use overlays in all maps, and to be able to help me with mapping we need to be with the same tools. Help in map development is what I need the most at the moment.
2. I might need help with dialogues too, so being creative in that area and have a wide vocabulary sure helps.
3. You don't need to be a great scripter or eventer, but it would help of course.


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Are you paying people for this?
Not really, just lookin for someone with time on their hands and that really liked the project enough to want to help improve it with me.
*Puts hand up*
Me! Me!
I've been helping you a little already. Might aswell help see this project through. :D
(Plus, I REALLY wanna help with this. :3)
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