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Im now hiring somebody to co-develop the game, check main page for info.
  • edumazieri
  • Added: 12/15/2010 08:05 AM
  • Last updated: 12/06/2022 09:23 PM


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Very nice gamma and I love this color :3
Where is the crowd?
Think they're all hiding behind the words 'Work in Progress'.
Think they're all hiding behind the words 'Work in Progress'.

Maps are taking me forever man... this is the 3rd map i've had to move on without fully developing. I can't afford to waste more than 3 hours on each (ya i know they ain't that good, but i suck ;p ), that's why i'm hiring help.

i also reaaaaaaaally like to apologize to the makers of "muse" because i inspired a lot from one of their maps to make that elevated light thing on the bar. actually, you can probably call this a ripoff almost ;\ i wil change it later when i get the patience to further work on the map
Heh, can't go wrong with Muse, right? ;)
Also, the map looks awesome, Edumazieri. :D
I've been watching this project for awhile now, and I must say, the presentation is executed flawlessly. Maps are gorgeous, and so are the menus. Real-eye popping stuff you have going on here. I thought that 2 hours on one map was long, but after reading through this, wow. No wonder you're recruiting.

Best of luck for the project, though.
well it's mostly because ikeep changing my mind about things too,
i mean, the pub had 3 different shapes until i decide for that one, and then i had to make a balcony, glueing balcony parts on each other, then make the elevated light, glueing part by part, then the couches, then add benches in a way that wouldnt intruse on the scene... etc...

its all very annoying lol
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
I've spent 8+ hours on maps lately because of parallax mapping. Especially indoor ones. So I feel your pain, man :<

The centre of the pub kinda reminds me of the pub in Daxter (PSP game). It had the same design, but a totally different colour scheme...

(me is really missing that series right now)
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