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XAS is an Action Battle System made specifically for RPG Maker XP. Using this system you can create games similar to Zelda, Alundra, Ys, Terraenigma and many others.


> Tool System based on events
> Dynamic Animation System
> Combo System
> CT (Combat Time) System
> Dynamic Sprites
> Animated HUD System

All of these features and more can be seen in the Official XAS Hero Edition demo.


Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/?y2c54iq9ys2kibp

Filefront: http://www.filefront.com/17297699/Translated-v3.82.rar/

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  • calvin624
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  • 09/20/2010 09:16 PM
  • 01/17/2014 09:43 PM
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@ yusolaifdfer - There are currently no plans to make a VX version of XAS, but thanks for your interest :)

@ Carvonica - Many thanks for your kind words.

All credit goes to Moghunter - I just translate his demos into English for his non-Portuguese fans.

Moghunter's site: http://www.atelier-rgss.com/

My site: http://xasabs.wordpress.com

Versions .5 and .6 work with VX ACE
Mordor 3 will be released using the XAS Hero Engine

1/50 chance for triple Gold/Exp
Weapon Blacksmith
Equipment Sockets
Improved Pathing
DataBase limit break
Unlimited Stats
Class / Subclass

Auto Attack includes Evasion
Damage Formula Changed
Minimum Damage Included
Auto Attack delay added to correct game design issues

# ● Execute Attack Damage
def execute_attack_damage(attacker)
#VX MOD Timer Delay on Auto Attack
#Changes the auto attack from every frame to 1 in 60
#This way the player is not automatically invulnerable all the time
#from auto attacks resulting in projectiles going through the player
#(The attack rate is also increased when being hit by multiple enemies)
$game_variables = rand(60)
if $game_variables < 59
if self.battler.agi > (rand(attacker.battler.agi) * 10)
self.battler.invunerable_duration = 3
self.battler.result.missed = true
self.battler.result.missed = false
# VX Basic Attack Damage Formula Mod to randomize dmg
damage = ((attacker.battler.atk / 1.5 + rand(attacker.battler.atk) / 5) - (self.battler.def / 2)).truncate
# Original Dmg Calculation damage = 0 if damage < 0
# minimum dmg = 10% of ATK stat
damage = (attacker.battler.atk / 10).truncate if damage < (attacker.battler.atk / 10)
self.battler.result.hp_damage = damage
self.battler.hp -= damage.abs

Slip Damage Modifications:
*Required Prexus Ace - State Slip Damage
Replaces the % damage calculation with static values that pulled from notes
Adds a variable to be used in the calculation
(Training Poison Mastery increases dmg)

#Previous Slip DMG Calc
# damage_slip = self.battler.mhp * damage / 100
# ● Execute States Slip Damage
def execute_state_slip_damage(damage)
damage = 1 if damage == nil
# The line below = if self.battler is not an actor
if self.battler.is_a?(Game_Actor)
damage_slip = damage
# VX MOD Slip DMG (Poison Dmg) + V29:Poison Mastery + V602:MAT/20
damage_slip = (damage + $game_variables + $game_variables / 20).truncate
self.battler.hp -= damage_slip
self.battler.damage = damage_slip
self.battler.damage_pop = true

Required: Extended Input System - Scripter's TOOL Author Ramiro
ALL Keys are enabled
All Skills are hotkey'd into the game via code
Never select a target, never open a menu to choose a skill!

# ● Update Action Command
def update_action_command
update_check_battler_equipment if can_check_battler_equipment?
#VX Mod

# VX ACII Mod: Check for trigger (Key R = 82)
def update_poisoncloud
if Keyboard.trigger?(82)
action_id = 43

Script: Game Battler
Crit Dmg formula changed includes luck (Updated by a variable that updates the luck stat.

#VX Mod - Critical Dmg Formula + (Luck / 4)
def apply_critical(damage)
#damage += self.luk
damage += rand($game_variables) / 4
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
XAS is an awesome script, using it myself actually.
Game looks great, the HUD and everything looks badass, well done.
ty and I have winrar, but it still wasnt working :) I'm sure the download will be helpful to the very few unfortunate people like me who can't get it to run.
You should be able to see everything.

You know you need winrar to decompress the file from it's rar format right?

Anyway I've uploaded just the compressed executable file for you here: http://www.mediafire.com/?xhzivxa1apobx32

I think it's because you compressed the game before sending it out. If you just zipped/compressed the FOLDER instead of the game(in the file-encrypt/compress stuff) then people would be able to acess the game itself and see all the actual stuff that goes into XAS :)
Strange. Sorry to hear you're having issues man, I hope you get it working soon.

Glad to hear you find the Manual useful. Just wish I could be more help in regards to opening the file - just not heard of this problem before.
I tried downloading it twice, from both the different sites. The problem is that the game editor for the demo is locked...... :(
But I did look through the manual, and if I ever get it to work you explain it really well :) Good job
Sorry to hear that Everguard. There is a XAS Manual on my site that you can read through - www.xasabs.wordpress.com

The download should work just fine, I've had no complaints as of yet. I generally recommend that people build on top of the existing demo.

Maybe try downloading the demo again?
Hey calvin, I just checked this out and the system is AMAZING! My only question for you: Is there a way to actually download the script, or even see how you use it. The tutorial tells you to just open up the project, but then it tells me that it failed to load actor data as soon as i try.
@ Dustsoft - You may want to check out Eternal Grace - http://rpgmaker.net/games/2420/

Looks very promising :)
KOOL i checked V.4.0 It as ally system up to 4 charecters its almost done!
Hey Dustsoft,

Appreciate your kind words man, thank you.

As for why XAS isn't used more widely, it was solely in Portuguese for many years - I now translate the demos into English and provide support as best I can over at my site: http://xasabs.wordpress.com

There is now a XAS manual which I think makes everything more understandable.

Anyway, as for games - Moghunter has created a few Memories of Mana games using his system - you can go to his site: http://www.atelier-rgss.com/ and scroll down to the '20 / 08 / 2010' entry (just under the second video).

I'd personally love to see more games based on this system.
OMG, that's really well done. Why aren't there any games made using this system?
Version 4 will integrate 3 more characters but I've found a few XAS sprites by using google.
kool game is there any other charecter sprites?
this looks really cool. i would never be able to do all of that. 8P

Very generous, thank you :)

this looks really cool. i would never be able to do all of that. 8P
i don't know anything! i want it on VX....
sorry if i felt mean

Haha, don't worry about it.
i don't know anything! i want it on VX....
sorry if i felt mean
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