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The world of Alardria had witnessed the rising of the Hellborn.
Vile creatures who are thought to have spawned from the depths of Hell.
Lead by a colossus Hellborn given the name "Ruin", for as it ruins everything in it's path,
they went on ravaging and destroying anything they could.

It was up to the Sarian Knights a highly skilled, elite group of Knights from Acylia to defeat Ruin
and to bring peace back to Alardria.

The Sarian Knights succeeded, Lord Kilis commander of the Sarian Knights managed to kill Ruin
with the power of a mysterious Amulet that was bestowed upon him.
In the subsequent years Lord Kilis started to loose his sanity which lead to very unfortunate events
ending in his death.

10 years later, the story revolves around the two sons of Lord Kilis and the reawakening
of the Hellborn.

What to expect:

* Epic, emotional story line.
* A dark yet beautiful world to explore.
* Intriguing playable and non playable characters.
* A mature game with dark themes and violence.
* Detailed, atmospheric mapping.
* A fun, tactical battle system.

Testing a map

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Well, it seems no matter how praised this game was it inevitably ended up to the abyss of abandoned projects... Such a shame
You have unbelievable A-W-E-S-O-M-E mapping skills!!! I LOVE all of your maps!!! You should try to do a tutorial some time!!! I would definitely like to read that! How come I've never seen your game before?! I will immediately try it out!!!
2 chapter demo. A cinematic RPG thats different from the usual free-exploring RPG's. There is a heavy emphasis on story and you are usually confined to a single town or dungeon between cutscenes. That said, the story is quite good and mapping and eventing are excellent. Battles are pretty well designed although right from the beginning the game will tell you the correct strategy to use. There is also a card game but I think only one person in the entire game played it and that guy's cards were way better than mine.

I think everyone here should try this game, demo or not.
Great to see this is still alive! Been a long-time fan of this project, and it's good to see it again!
Looks like a decent project; it'd have been a shame if you had stopped working on it. Looking forward to seeing it get finished.
Thank you very much, Tom! It is very encouraging to still have your support. :)
Hurray!! I have been watching project for years all they way back when I first saw it on RMRK and it going on Hiatus was one of the biggest tragedies in RPGMaker. I will be watching this actively again. Keep up the great work you have all our support behind you.
Hi Guys!

Thank you for the feedback. Sorry It's been a while. :)
Due to work/life this project was on Hiatus. However, now development is back on.

Here are some screenshots of a Map/Scene i'm working on

Other aspects that are being worked on:

Those who have played the old demo might remember the quite lengthy Prologue. I have decided now to have the two time-lines play out in parallel. So you get to uncover the past through Ser Karn's perspective and explore the present in Zack's POV, jumping back and forth. This hopefully will keep the player intrigued as they play through the two different eras both with a set of different characters to get to know. Both the story lines will be redone from the last demo so expect something new.

All maps are being redone to a scale/style as seen in the above screenshots.

Sprites are being redone to slightly larger VX models. This means I still get to use the same battle system without it looking odd if the sprites are too large.

I have been patiently waiting for this I can not wait to see all of the new content as it is released keep up the good work.
Hey Ak47 Nice to see you finally released an update for this been waiting a few years to see this come out ^^
Does this game require rtp with it?
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
random thoughts

Title is amazing,beautiful and epic!

the intro was pretty deep and amazingly done

300 save slots!? hax!

when bandits are the good guys its a sad day o.o

Zacks group is pretty good : D

hmmm Krios skills have no descriptions!
holy fing : O krios is a monster compare to his brother!

those rare times where you get such godly power it leaves you speechless....yeah....this is one :3

so many well done scenes!

during attempted assassination king edward>enemies is wrong

once your in the sewers the text that appears
Characters is wrong

he is that strong weakened!?

reapers are stronger then he was weakened!

those sad moments where you get a god like character and they are like 1/4 or less of what they were when you fought them :3

chapter 1 was epic!

would be nice if could clear gear for people you are not using,i gave jack a accessory which would of been nice to have but
since it was equipped to him during the part where hes not in your party it was useless

i love how the AGI stat actually means something!

whats the point of the save crystals? they dont heal you and you can already save normally!

glad we had items those assassins would of been are end!

that sarian knights guy is whipping out armys by himself! doing stupid lvls of damage greater then Zacks older brother WITH the pendant!

finally a town with a store! was wondering when would get to spend da money!

card game! : O

so many dead : O

holy fing that mage! so many bad ass people!

Korn near water fall "gladly" is wrong
same scene v needs>need

now jacks got some power XD still way weaker then his brother is w/o the amulet!

end of chapter 2

Freaking amazing title gave me 3+ hours of playtime(excluding card game which i ignored,felt pointless to me since this isn't a open game and i cant play it when i want)
the plot,characters,mapping and music were great!
ill prolly do 15-30 minutes of gameplay and link to this thread so hopefully more play it!(to long to do a full playthru for me)

i really hope your still working on this i worry because how old that blog is.
either way keep up the amazing work!
i loved this!
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
i refuse to believe it,you cant make a game this good looking on VX!
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
DO you need voice actors?
happy new year right back at you AoA,

good to see that the game hasn't done a stardrive XD,
hope everythings goings ok for ya,
as for the updates take as long as you like (within reason ofc lol)
but yh, real life, family and work come first.

im sure we all can wait a while longer for AoA:LotSK.
good things come to those who wait and all ;)
UPDATE: 02/01/2014


Thank you all for your comments and interest. Unfortunately, 2013 has not been a very productive year I've been really busy with work and stuff. However, the game is still in development and I will devote more time to it.

Thanks again and Happy New Year!

PS: I have added a new image of a map in progress.
it seems that "the date updated" changes with posts people made not changes the dev makes :S
12/26/2013 10:58
(is what time it is where i am)

<....mmmm lets hope the game is still getting updated,,, by the dev and not forum comments =/ >

just found this forum, (the user AK47, seems to be AoA)

his last post on there was "Posted 21 December 2013 - 04:36 PM"
so it looks like the games still being made, just not sure about here =/
(found another forum with comments from AK, but the link above seems to have the newest date posted from him/her)
yeah dude I subscribed to this over a year ago and theres been no updates, I wouldnt get your hopes up 11/14/2012
Any work being done on this? I just played through the demo and enjoyed it.
No, he just makes the most beautiful demo on RMN and breaks our hearts with breadcrumb updates.

Coolopotomus is salty about this.

mmmmmmmmmm well i pray that it is still being made
it'd sucks insanely if it just stayed like this :(
yeah dude I subscribed to this over a year ago and theres been no updates, I wouldnt get your hopes up 11/14/2012
Any work being done on this? I just played through the demo and enjoyed it.
No, he just makes the most beautiful demo on RMN and breaks our hearts with breadcrumb updates.

Coolopotomus is salty about this.
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