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Prologue characters

Lord Kilis Tirian Sarian Knight Commander
Commander of the Sarian Knights, an exceptional warrior. Renowned for his leadership
and countless victories in war. Loyal servant of King Sarian, protector of Acylia.
Lead the team of Sarian Knights who were able to defeat Ruin and bring peace to Alardria.

Lord Karn Sarian Knight
One of the most feared Sarian Knights. A ferocious warrior, unmatched in swordsmanship.
Enemies would tremble at the very site of him on the battlefield, Loyal friend of Lord Kilis.
A member of the team of Sarian Knights that defeated Ruin.

Current characters

Krias Tirian Acylian army General
Eldest son of Lord Kilis, a General of the Acylian army. A highly skilled and very disciplined individual.
Focused on protecting Acylia from all threats. Inlisted in the Acylian army at the age of ten,
Trained as a Knight by his father, excelling in combat training rapidly promoted through the
army Ranks.

Zack Tirian Protagonist
The youngest son of Lord Kilis, a kind hearted young man who goes out his way to help
those in need. Be it friends or total strangers, he would help them if they are in trouble.
He does this for companionship and doesn't want to be alone.

A friend of Zack, Bio to be added.

A friend of Zack, Bio to be added.

More characters are in the demo, but i will not reveal them here.