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  • Added: 07/15/2011 01:03 AM
  • Last updated: 04/18/2024 02:13 AM


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1. Learn Recipes from specialists around the world, or find them as loot.

2. You can find and gather Reagents for your potions in a few ways;

Find and Gather them from the environment when you are out exploring.
Buy them from shops.
Some monsters may even drop them.

3. Regularly check your Alchemy Menu to see if you have enough reagents to make anything.
You can open the menu by pressing the 'A' Key.

4. If you know the recipe and have enough reagents the recipe's image will be fully colored.
If you know the recipe but don't have enough reagents the image will be saturated.
If you don't know the recipe you will see the unknown potion image.

5. finally if you know the recipe and have all the reagents then you can go ahead and make the potion,
It will then be added to your inventory ready for use.

This is still in very early stage, any feedback would be appreciated.
This looks great, but I'd strongly suggest not having any sort of timer for collecting herbs. If you want it to take time, just show an animation of the char collecting the herb and then having them. Wait bars belong in MMOs (where they serve only to prolong the time it takes to do things) and nowhere else.

I'd rather just "get" the herbs than watch a blue bar fill up. Otherwise, it looks quite good. I don't like the chibi charsets (everything else looks wonderful, why not replace those?) but I suppose I could live with that.
@Kaempfer: Thanks, I have already removed that wait bar, some others have mentioned this too, after a few times it could get annoying. :)
As for the sprites, I personally prefer Chibis over the larger XP charsets,
It's just a preference of mine. :)
I actually put together a chemistry system (probably a little more simple than yours, but was to be expanded on) in a short-lived RM2k3 project a couple years ago. Yours looks good though.
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