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Atlantis is a fantasy land whose borders have long been sealed by powerful magic. Magical creatures abound, crops grow in abundance and humanity is prospering in the Peaceful Paradise.

That is, until Ghost Mansions, giant man-eating oak trees and transdimensional demons start appearing from out of nowhere.

Jean Sozora, Spell-Card user, receives a golden artifact which leads to her discovery to a deadly mansion. Through an investigation she meets three other girls, all of whom have been affected by the mansion in one way or another.

Jean Sozora is the daughter of the famous philosopher and magician Nessiah Sozora, who mysteriously vanished shortly before Jean was born. Jean is always seen wearing a Golden Crescent hairpin, which changes shape according to the current phase of the moon.

Ulidama Fia Owen is actually from the outer world, that is Earth outside of Atlantis. She discovered a portal into Atlantis, albeit unstable, and hurled herself through the portal before it could disappear. However, fortune was not on Ulidama's side, as the portal ended up shutting in on her before she could make it completely through. Her waist down is now hidden by a colorful floating omnidimensional rift.

Mitori Kawashiro was accused of an extremely heinous crime. She was convicted, and as her punishment she was either to be put to death or become an outcast to society as a whole. She chose the latter, and now walks the earth shunned from every being. Her clothing is the symbol of an outcast, warning others not to approach her.

Sasha Sashiromiya is the Princess of the undersea kingdom of Lemuria. She used to wield the heavenly fork Trident, which granted her an immense amount of power. However, one day she dueled a dark stranger who commanded the Trident to backfire on the poor princess, surging a terrible amount of energy through her body. Ever since that day, Sasha has been... different.

Latest Blog

Revamped Portraits

Been a while?

I've been working on upgrading the portraits. I've got a million complaints about the shading so I had to watch that, but anyways here they are :D

Jean Sozora hopefully isn't too loli... don't worry she has a personality

Ulidama Fia Owen is dissapoint

Mitori Kawashiro has prison palor

Sasha Sashiromiya is underwater

Surprisingly they're all free for dinner on short notice!
Other than that, though, progress is coming along fine. I've got some really good ideas for puzzles that are hopefully original, it's just gonna be really tough to implement them well. Guess that's all :D tell me what you think!
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  • 09/23/2010 06:28 PM
  • 04/24/2018 06:28 AM
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Resident Terrapin
Admit it, you're a fan of ZUN aren't you???

an aristocrat of rpgmaker culture
I love ZUN!
This strongly reminds me of Touhou Project.
If it's a direct inspiration I wonder if it shares the difficulty.
Resident Terrapin
It's touhou the rpg complete with the cast you know and love.
The cast is all fan-made touhou characters. If I ever make a sequel... I'm thinking about adding Meimu and Satsuki Rin :D
Will you ever come to the point where you use the canon characters?

By the way, I heard Jean being reffered in some places as "Suzuki Rinbokusan". Not that I know her well...
Although this may not contain any of the Touhou Project's canon, I would still consider it a fangame 'cause of the Spell-Cards and Flying Lolis and whatnot.

Also, LightningLord, you're right, that is Suzuki/Sasaki Rinbokusan. I edited some of the characters to match the plot of my game xD
Nope, no ReiMarisa, sorry :)
Hey this looks pretty neat. I like the effort. Subscribed!
Hey this looks pretty neat. I like the effort. Subscribed!

Thank you~ ^^
Subscribed. Might want to change your CSS so that ppl's commends are legible.
I downloaded the demo of this game, I thought it was very pretty, it reminded me a lot of Tohou. I really liked the battle animation sprites, especially Jean Sozora. I hope you are not going to over extend yourself.
Haha I downloaded and completed Perfect Cherry Blossom like.. A few years ago.. I had no idea that this had anything to do with it (and I thought "touhou" was an anime until like, five minutes ago).

EDIT: Just played the demo, it hung/crashed a couple times but I got the gist.. This is a very ambitious project, but it looks great so far.
Ahahahaha yeaaaaahhhhh.... That demo is pretty outdated, and I kind of want to delete it... :o Anyways, so much work has been done that you probably wouldn't recognize it if you played it now. I'm very sorry you had to experience the inner pain and turmoil that is Sozora's Labyrinth Tech Demo XD bahahaha

Oh, and I totally don't blame you for thinking Touhou is an anime 'specially since the fan-videos make it very animesque. Just don't say "What anime is this?" on a Touhou video, otherwise all the fans will flip.

but seriously thanks for playing ^^
I was just wondering, why the fan characters? :3
Hmmm... I dunno! I've always liked the less popular characters, like the ones from the PC-98 era. I guess that when I saw the fan characters that had perfectly good designs, I wanted to explore their potential a little bit more >>b A few more fanmades will appear in this game, such as Sugar Satellite and Meimu, but it's not completely Touhou-centric ^^

I've already stashed a few more non-canon characters like Gatensoku Sen and Satsuki Rin if I need to introduce more characters :D
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
This is really cute. I love the way the battle is set up, visually.

The full-sized character artwork is okay. The battle sprites are completely fantastic.
Any random person looking at this game would see it for what it is and probably wouldn't even know what Touhou is let alone the characters. The full size artwork looks weird, but the sprites are leagues better.
That's actually pretty good, WC XD It doesn't matter whether you're familiar with the series or not, I hope that rpg fans and touhou fans will be able to enjoy this game equally, whether they're familiar with the series or not

Yes, I know the portraits aren't good. I've gotten literally dozens of complaints about them so I know that they can't stay for the newer release ><

And I'm glad to hear the sprites are OK :D I used REFMAP as a base for the CharSet sprites, but all of the battle sprites are either based or edited from Tasofro's collection ^^
How is the game going along?
There haven't been any news for a while now.
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