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The year is 1391 B.K.W. (before K'yr War) at Castle Etrolier Vance and Aryn the two children of Emil and Elena Etrolier, sit on the wall and watch the sun set. All of a sudden a swarm of flaming rocks hits the wall and soldiers climb up the wall. The castle was under attack. Soldiers,Mages and Monsters poured in from all directions. The two children fled to Vance's Villa, and began their quest for vengeance.

Light Remnant is a game based around graphics,atmosphere,story and battles. Battles are fun and challenging but are never to hard. Every map is greatly detailed and full of color. The story takes many twists and turns. You'll never know what will happen next.

Great character customization, your never going to stick with one set of skills or stats for too long.
Recruit people to join your force.
Great Mapping and good visuals.
Fun battles.
Skill fusion
and more!

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All the screenshots you see here are old. The game has been changed completely and looks much better.
you should take new screenshots if these are all old ones, methinks!
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