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To use a cheat, type it into your keyboard while playing the game. Once a cheat is used, you can't save you're progress until next time you play.

* needashell: Spawns a shell in your item box.
* needaredshell: Spawns a red shell in your item box.
* needablueshell: Spawns a blue shell in your item box.
* needayellowshell: Spawns a yellow shell in your item box.
* needaturnip: Spawns a SMB2 turnip in your item box.
* needa1up: Spawns a 1-up (Extra life) in your item box.
* needatanookisuit: Spawns a Tanooki Suit in your item box.
* needahammersuit: Spawns a Hammer Suit in your item box.
* needamushroom: Spawns a Mushroom in your item box.
* needaflower: Spawns a Fire Flower in your item box.
* needaleaf: Spawns a Leaf Power-up in your item box.
* needanegg: Spawns an empty Yoshi Egg in your item box.
* needaplant: Spawns a Pipe & Pirahna item in your item box.
* needagun: Spawns a Billy Gun in your item box.
* needaswitch: Spawns a P-Switch in your item box.
* needaclock: Spawns a Clock (Stops time for some time) in your item box.
* needabomb: Spawns a Bomb in your item box.
* needashoe: Spawns a Kuribo Shoe in your item box.
* needaredshoe: Spawns a Podoboo Shoe in your item box.
* needablueshoe: Spawns a Lakity Shoe in your item box.
* istillplaywithlegos: Resets all Blocks/Tiles in the level.
* itsrainingmen: 1-UPs rain.
* donttypethis: Bombs rain.
* wetwater: The level you're in becomes a water level, meaning you can swim everywhere.
* shadowstar: Turns you into Black Mario, you can go through walls in this state.
* itsamemario: Changes your character to Mario if you're playing as someone else.
* itsameluigi: Changes your character to Luigi if you're playing as someone else.
* supermario128: Makes 128 clones of the player.
* supermario64: Makes 64 clones of the player.
* supermario32: Makes 32 clones of the player.
* supermario16: Makes 12 clones of the player.
* supermario8: Makes 8 clones of the player.
* supermario4: Makes 4 clones of the player.
* supermario2: You can control 2 different characters with this, hold down and press the "Drop item" assigned key to switch playing character.
* 1player: Enables 1-player mode. (Also kills all your clones if used supermario2, supermario4 and up, if there are clones alive).
* 2player: Enables 2-player mode.
* wariotime: Turn all enemies in screen into coins.
* wherearemycarkeys: Spawns a key in your hands (Use in a keyhole).
* boingyboing: Spawns a trampoline in your hands.
* bombsaway: Spawns bombs in your hands.
* firemissiles: Spawns a bullet-bill in your hands.
* powhammer: Spawns a Pow-Block in your hands.
* hammerinmypants: Spawns a Hammer Bro. in your hands, that throws hammers to kill enemies.
* rainbowrider: Spawns a rideable Rainbow Shell in your hands.
* greenegg: Spawns a Green Yoshi Egg in your hands.
* blueegg: Spawns a Blue Yoshi Egg in your hands.
* yellowegg: Spawns a Yellow Yoshi Egg in your hands.
* redegg: Spawns a Red Yoshi Egg in your hands.
* blackegg: Spawns a Black Yoshi Egg in your hands.
* purpleegg: Spawns a Purple Yoshi Egg in your hands.
* pinkegg: Spawns a Pink Yoshi Egg in your hands.
* coldegg: Spawns an Ice Yoshi Egg in your hands.
* stickyfingers: You can grab any NPC with this.
* captainn: Allows you to stop time by pressing the pause button (Does not work if "Pause" is set on the "Esc" key).
* flamethrower: Fire Flower and Hammer Bro Suit shoots much faster.
* moneytree: Coins cound go up very quick, giving you a lot of 1-UPs.
* donthurtme: Makes you invincible (God mode).
* wingman: Makes flying power-ups and Yoshis fly without limits.
* sonicstooslow: Makes the player run really fast.
* ahippinandahoppin: Unlimited jumping, kind of flying.
* framerate: Shows your framerate on the top-left part of the game's screen.
* speeddemon: Speeds everything up.
* anothercastle: Changes your character to Toad if you're playing as someone else.
* ibakedacakeforyou: Changes your character to Peach if you're playing as someone else.
* iamerror: Changes your character to Link if you're playing as someone else.
* fairymagic: Makes your character turn into a fairy.

Easter Eggs
1) There are 9 pipe warps randomly placed in floor tiles throughout the world map. Some of these will prove useful, while others will lead to certain death.
2)Right above the starting point on the world map is a tower of invisible blocks. Jump to reveal the tower and make a new level appear. This level is required to finish the game.


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“Obtain and Extra Star” Exploit:
In World 4’s level “Traps”, use a Leaf or a Tanooki suit to fly up and above the star in the first area, then drop down to collect it. There are invisible switch blocks below it that would normally cause you to fall out of the level and die, but bypassing them lets you obtain this intended-as-bait star. Enjoy the 101% completion mark on your save file!
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
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