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World 1 - Underground
A Smashing Good Time by Desmo360
Lotsa Blocks by Desmo360
What? by DaMush
Super Cupcake Bombs by DaMush
Fire Time by Dell2005

World 2 - Sky
Beanstalk Bay by Dell2005
Waterfall Falls by Dell2005
Mario's Airship Ride by Jack
Jack's Level by Jack
Green Orange by DaMush

World 3 - Underwater
Familiar Road by Desmo360
Cheep Cheep Beach by Desmo360
Ghost Days by Desmo360
Switch Chasm by Dell2005
Cloudy Days by Dell2005

World 4 - Desert
Goomba Fever by Desmo360
Traps by Desmo360
Cave of Doom by Dell2005
Jordan's Thing by Jordan
Mr. Pipey by DaMush

World 5 - Forest
Forest Maze by Desmo360
Sawmill Skies by Desmo360
Relaxing Grasslands by Desmo360
Grassy Forest by Dell2005
*Bruiser Boss Battle*

World 6 - Pipeworks
Shell Fever by Desmo360
Switch Madness by Desmo360
Springy Sky by Dell2005
Birdo's Castle by Dell2005
*Wart Boss Battle*

World 7 - Techno
Mushroom Skies by Desmo360
Moving Objects by Desmo360
Bowser's Research Facility by Desmo360
*Metroid Boss Battle*

World 8 - Castle
Big Bad Thwomp by Desmo360
Tower of Pain by Desmo360
Bowser's Armada by Desmo360
*Bowser Boss Battle*

Overworld Levels
Desmo360's Super Slide by Desmo360 - By the entrance to the boss of World 6, there is a tube directly above four green switch blocks. Enter this tube to appear next to this secret level.
Kaizo Fun by Desmo360 - As soon as you start the game, jump to reveal a hidden block. Above it is another block and another. At the very top is a secret switch that makes this level appear.

The following levels are only available after collecting all 40 stars.

Bonus Levels - all by Desmo360
Desmo360's Super Airship Ride
Pipe Maze
Koopa Ruins
Bowser's Factory
Toad Town
Toad Town Pipeworks
Bruiser's Castle
Slippery Switches
A Short Maze
Koopa Skies
Power-up Palace
*Bowser Boss Battle Rematch*

Desmo360 - Leader of the project; Level Design Ranking: 9/10
Dell2005 - Co-Leader of the project; Level Design Ranking: 5/10
DaMush - Co-Leader of the project; Level Design Ranking: 2/10
Jack - Made two guest levels on the game; Level Design Ranking: 3/10
Jordan - Made one guest level on the game; Level Design Ranking: 1/10