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It's a bad game. Sorry Desmo.

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A review by Ben_Random
(Screen-shot stolen from Strangeluv's review.)

Today I will be reviewing a Mario fan-game made with the Super Mario Brothers X development engine.
The review is split up into sections, Story, Gameplay, Graphics, Audio, and the Overall Rating.
Each section is rated with a THUMBS UP, THUMBS TO THE SIDE, or THUMBS DOWN. The game is also rated by the RMN 5 star system.
So without further ado, let's begin the review.

I almost want to N/A this one. There is absolutely NO story to this game.

Sigh. Call me Simon Cowell, but even in a Mario game, there should be some story.

This game's story get's a:

It's worse then RMN Bros.

It seems that the goal of this game was to make a copy of Super RMN Bros. Like our infamous community game, there is a massive hub, with worlds that are impossible to find, a load of glitches, and much more.
If you look at the title screen-shot, you know what I mean when I say don't play this game. Ever.

There are numerous "Kaizo" levels, and many that are so glitchy that you can't even play them. I HATE THIS GAMEPLAY. IT IS HORRIBLE. DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME.

This game's gameplay get's a:

Like RMN Bros., there is a clashing mix of Super Mario Bros. 1,2,3 and Super Mario World Graphics, as well as levels that have so many jelectrodes, you will get a seizure.

It seems that some levels were made for the purpose of flashing lights.

If you have epilepsy, or have had a history of seizure's, consult a doctor before playing this game.

This game's graphics get's a:

The audio for this game was nothing special, just a few customs and default tracks from Super Mario World and Super Mario Bros. 1,2, and 3.

This games audio get's a:


This game is bad. Don't play it. Ever.

I recommend this game to fans Super RMN Bros.

It's a bad game. Sorry Desmo.


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It's fine. It was my first. My next, Super Puzzle World, will be much better.
It's fine. It was my first. My next, Super Puzzle World, will be much better.

This is true. Judging the game by the demo, it looks impressive.
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