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Online mode is on the way!

Just submitted download v1.0, with full online play, as well as a few bugfixes from the demo. The attack bars are no longer as jagged, and they don't cause interruption to the candy digit display. Anyways, once that download is accepted, I'll change the project to COMPLETED. Still, any bug reports are greatly appreciated.

On that note, on October 30th and 3st, I (psy_wombats) and a few other members of the dev team will be participating in an event known as "Kick the Asses of the WRPGs Team At Their Own Game," in which we take all comers using TTDCC's online versus. I'll post another blog thing when it gets closer to that time, but until then, if you want to play someone online, I'm usually around the RMN IRC, or else you can contact me through AIM at psywombats.