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Moon Core on hold...

  • sbester
  • 03/19/2012 11:18 PM
Long overdue announcement. This game is so buggy I don't even know what is going on in it at the point I'm at (in the playthrough). It's like being on some sort of hallucinogen while playing a game. I'm literally warping from map to map without so much as a text message to explain what's happening.

The reason behind this, of course, was that I had gotten completely sick of this game once I reached the halfway point of production, and got really lazy. That also explains why the game doesn't have an ending, or at least, not really. It has one of those cop out ones.

Anyways, I truly hope no one cares. You shouldn't, as it's just more beginner crap at its core. Still, I do hope to fix it up to a playable status some day.

Right now I'm going through my other old games for Slew of Oldies 2. I'm even planning of resurrecting a bunch of their gameplay elements for newer games, as the systems aren't as bad. Obviously I'm too busy with other projects to really delve into them now, but it's nice to have some weird systems in place for later.