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The Stamina Battle System is a variation on the standard ATB battle system, all executed in real time. The purpose of this project is to create a complete RPG using this custom system along with its sister custom menu system.

This is a video of the system in action:

Information about the general game mechanics:


Health. Health is just HP like normal. If a character falls to zero health, they are knocked unconscious. Any character can revive a knocked out ally, but it expends some of their momentum to do so. Also, characters who return from unconsciousness suffer the Dazed effect for a short while which reduces the speed at which they gain stamina and reduces the damage they cause briefly.

Stamina. As time progresses in a battle, each character slowly generates stamina. Characters need one block of stamina to perform an ability, and can have up to 3 blocks stored at a time. Stamina recharges at the same rate for all allies and enemies (though this can be modified by items/buffs/debuffs.)

Momentum. As the characters fight, they generate momentum (up to 3 blocks) which can be spent in three ways. The first way is to use one block of momentum to empower one of their 4 basic abilities much like an EX ability in Street Fighter. The second way is to spend a single block to revive a KO'd ally, as described in the Health topic. The third way to spend momentum is by consuming all three blocks to perform a powerful Desperation Ability (Limit Break, essentially.) An example of the Empowered ability is:
Encouragement - Heals an ally slowly over 10 seconds. EMPOWER: Instantly heals some health and removes a debuff in addition to its normal effect.

Mechanic. Each character has a unique resource mechanic as described on that page above.

Attack. Increases the damage caused by abilities that rely on aim or physical strength. (Mostly physical attacks and offensive projectile spell attacks.)

Focus. Increases the damage/healing caused by abilities that rely on cunning or intelligence. (Mostly healing or buff/debuffing. Some attacks rely on Focus.)

Vigor. The chance that an ability will critically hit, causing 50% additional damage/healing.

Armor. Reduces incoming physical damage.

Resistance. Reduces incoming magic damage.

Latest Blog

Equipment and Stats!

Hi! I just wanted to get some feedback on my equipment and stat system.

In my game, shards of crystal called Chrysal are the core of the story and gameplay. Equipping different colors of shards (of varying quality and type) will produce stat growths and Color Synergy. You start out only able to equip 2 pieces at a time, but eventually can equip 5 pieces at a time.

Color Synergy
Here is a brief list of some of the synergy in the game:

Requires Sun and Moon chrysal (Armor and Resist)
Reduces all damage taken by x.

Requires Green and Clear chrysal (Ardor and Power)
When you crit, you gain some Life and Stamina.

Requires Blue and Sun chrysal (Mind and Armor)
Heals you for x when you are attacked.

Requires Red and Green chrysal (Body and Ardor)
Increases Power when above 90% Life.

Requires Purple and Orange chrysal (Attack and Life)
Drains x Life per attack.

CORE Stats
Body. Increases Life, Attack, and Armor.
Mind. Increases Attack, Ardor, and Armor + Resist.
Soul. Increases Ardor, Life, and Resist.

SUB Stats
Life. Just like HP. Reach 0 and you're unconscious.
Power. Determines how much damage/healing a character does. (Determined by your primary stat.)
Attack. Decreases the enemy's Armor/Resist.
Crit chance. The chance to cause bonus damage equal to your Ardor.
Ardor. How much bonus damage a crit causes.
Armor. Reduces physical damage.
Resist. Reduces energy damage.

Resource Mechanics
These cannot be increased but are core to the combat system.
Stamina. Maximum of 4. All abilities cost 1 to 3 stamina and you may use any ability you have enough stamina for until you're out of stamina.
Adrenaline. Maximum of 3. As you fight, you generate Adrenaline. Spending 1 Adrenaline will boost a standard ability to cause an additional effect. Spending 3 ability will unleash a powerful Rush Attack.

Primary Stat
Each character is focused on a primary stat. They have the highest growth for that stat and they gain bonuses.
- Their Power stat is increased by their primary Stat.
- For Body, they gain 10% additional Body and Life.
- For Mind, they gain 10% additional Mind and Attack.
- For Soul, they gain 10% additional Soul, Ardor and crit chance.

Stat Growth
Characters only gain Body, Mind, or Soul from fighting. These core stats increase their sub stats. There are no levels, only stat growth.


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This looks pretty neat! Must've taken tons of work. Subscribed.
I'm curious. Are you initiating battle by pressing the action button next to the monster or does the battle start because the character touches the monster (no button)?
I really like the look of the battle system. The fast paceness of it makes it seem more realistic. It must have taken awhile to put all the events in place, so kudos :3
The menu looks pretty cool too.
Narcodis, thanks it wasn't too much work, actually, but ONLY because of the RPG Maker hacked files that I included like picture limit increase and POINTERS! I can't even begin to explain how important pointers are. The command that runs the damage numbers is like 8 lines of code total for any amount of damage below 10,000.

Irill, the battles are initiated by just touching them, but for the demo, they are just set to random movement, not pursuant behavior. In the final game, I wanted to have a system where the enemies wander around, but when you get close they give chase.

Xandedil, glad you like it! Yeah the fast paced feeling was actually an idea when I would play the Grandia games. They have that real-time combat but when a character uses a special ability, the world pauses and I always thought that was annoying. I was going for a more realistic approach by having anyone attack at any time like Baldur's Gate or Dragon Age, but I didn't think I could realistically pull off the free form fighting so I chose the Final Fantasy line style. It took a while of set up, but now that the groundwork is in place, fleshing out the abilities isn't that much work. Glad you like the menu too, I wanted something simple to use.

Link_2112, :) thanks!
This looks over 10 times hard as what I'm doing.
Hehe, well I'm trying to keep everything cleanly organized so that it doesn't get out of hand and become a huge mess.
Really impressive stuff! I'm looking forward to seeing how this develops.
Thanks! I'm currently working on the abilities and trying to create a storyline for this project. I still have no name and only a vague sense of the flow of the game.
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