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Chapter 3 Klonoa FanRPG
The Great War has come and gone now what remains is a lone city surrounded by walls on all sides that is slowly dying... Kadelra City. As he attempts to settle down, Lolo mysteriously appears to greet him. Even though he had just arrived some short time ago, its been years since she last saw him. Reuniting once again, they become rouges for hire. But after failing a mission for the current Lord Huepow, Lolo is arrested, and Klonoa forced to flee for his life into the city, vowing to rescue her.

After joining a renegade group that secretly worships the Moon Spirit, he stops at nothing to prevent Lord Huepow from finding and reclaiming the Legendary Kingdom of the Moon ... Cress, which was said to have disappeared years ago, or to never have existed at all.

Features Include:

# Full DAY/NIGHT Transitions with Game Elements that React to the Time of Day
# Original Enemy Battle & Sprite Art
# Vechicles to Ride for Getting around the City Faster
# Race Competitions
# Challanging Puzzles
# A Story 2 Year's In the Making
# Original Animations and Cutscenes
# City Guards that Hunt you down until You are out of Sight long enough
# Overhead Map to Find your way around

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Wow. You made this is rpg maker 2000? Good work, indeed!
a puzzle game fan rpg wow surprising
can you do a diffrant dowload link plz that one dousnt work.
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