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>Ingredior = Enter
>Procedo = Continue
>Defungo = Quit
>Remando? = Return?
>(Abrogare) = (Cancel)

> Before the game starts, you have the opportunity to choose between MICHAEL or MARGARET
to be your leading character. Michael is physically much stronger and is able to equip
swords and a variety of other weapons. Margaret lacks the physical strength that Michael
has` as well as the ability to equip heavy weaponry, but she's able to learn a variety of
magic spells and her agility is much higher than Michael's.


TEMPLE (Basement Floor 1)

-> Demons
Haunting - (Element: None)
Glam - (Element: None, Weak against: Fire)

-> Items
Life Capsule x2
Pike (for Michael)
Book of Ice (Margaret)

> The area itself is very small and straightforward. At the end of the corridor, you'll come
across the first of many "Peace Rooms", areas in which you can save your game and heal your
wounds. Inside these rooms is also a Merchant that will sell you weapons and items. His
services aren't cheap, so spend your silver wisely.

> In the Library, check the book shelf stand over the purple arrow to access the first boss
battle. If you're using Michael, make sure you equip the "Pike" first.

Boss: Possessed
Recommended Level: 4
> If you're using Michael, this battle may be a little challenging. In his first form, Possessed uses
a low-leveled "Flare" spell. Use your "Lancer" ability to lower his defense and pummel him with
your physical attacks. When you bring him down to about half of his life, Possessed will transform
and his Flare spell will become "Shadow Flare," which deals over double the damage from before.
Use Michael's Lancer to knock off the remainder of Possessed's Life points and heal with your
Life Capsules when needed (you'll be using quite a few of those. Make sure to bring at least five
to the battle.)
> If you're using Margaret, throw your Fire or Ice spells at the creature. After two or three turns,
he will transform. Immediately heal your wounds and knock him out with Freeze. Being his elemental
weakness, it will knock him out in a single shot.


TEMPLE (Dungeon)

-> Demons
Fiend - (Element: Fire)
Nundha - (Element: None, Weak against: Blade, Strong against: Thrust)
Antlion - (Element: None, Weak against: Fire)
Killer - (Element: None, Weak against: Thrust, Strong against: Blade)

-> Items
Golden Band
Life Capsule Pro

> This section is tricky. The encounter rate is higher and the demons dish out much higher
damage than before. If you're using Michael, switch from the Pike to the Knight's Sword,
and you should be able to kill most enemies here in a single blow (beware of Killer, who
has a natural resistance to Bladed skills). However, if you choose to keep the Pike, you
can use it to Blind some of the more dangerous enemies such as the Rundha and Killer, to
avoid many of their attacks. Margaret may have an even tougher time here due to her low Life
count, but her Fire and Ice spells can one-hit-kill every demon here. DO NOT be afraid to
use your resources (healing items), because you will surely need them.

> In the first section, check the cell on the far right. Remember it's location (don't forget
to pick up the Golden Band along the way).

> The Merchant in the Peace Room will sell the "Book of Protection" if you're using Margaret.
It's expensive, but it is VERY useful, and will greatly help Margaret overcome some of the
more physically-dominating demons...such as the very next boss. If you have the money, it
would be a good idea to buy the armor on sale but it's probably wiser to stock up on
Life and Soul Capsules for the time being.

> In the Execution Room, before picking up the key, make SURE you equip the Golden Band!
If you're using Michael, have him switch from the Sword to the Pike.

Boss: Executioner
Recommended Level: 8
> Switch to the Pike, and bash the foe with Lancer. All of his attacks can inflict Stun or
Paralysis upon your character, so equipping the Golden Band is the only way you'll survive
this fight. If you're using Margaret, have her use "Guard" at the start of the battle and
pummel Executioner with Ice. Heal with Life Capsules when your Life gets below 200 and
strike him until he falls. He has high defenses, so this battle may take a while for Michael.

Tips #2:
> After the fight, you will either receive the "Regal Blade" or the "Book of Wind", both
of which are extremely useful. Leave the room and return to the cell at the far right hand
side in the first section of this area. It should now be open. Enter it and head inside
inside the Warden's Office. Once inside, approach the book sitting on the table to view
the next event.

> If you're using Michael, switch to the Sword.

Boss: Entity A & Entity B
Recommended Level: 10
> If you're using Michael, your ally for this battle will be Debbie. If you're using Margaret,
Torgo will assist you for this fight. As Michael, immediately have him use "Regal Slash" on
Entity B (the purple creature on the right), which will knock off about 1800 Life points away
from him. Two slashes of Regal will end him in no time. Of the two, he is physically the
weakest, but his hit-all status abnormality spells make him a huge threat. If you're equipped
with the Pike, Entity A is weakest against Thrust attacks, however, Regal Slash will still
dish out more damage than Lancer. Debbie, meanwhile, will focus primarily on keeping the two
of you healthy and strong.
> As Margaret, Torgo will carry most of this battle on his own. You can help him out by
casting Fire on Entity A, and Ice on Entity B. The two creatures should fall in no time,
although you may need to serve as the Medic to Torgo's Tank.


TEMPLE (Catacombs)

-> Demons
Genial - (Element: Earth)
Hermit - (Element: Earth)
Ju - (Element: Fire)
Bacterium - (Element: Earth)

-> Items
Blue Earring
Tablet x 5
Life Capsule
Spirit Capsule Pro
Life Capsule Pro
Royalty (for Margaret)
Book of Gaia (for Margaret)
Book of Water (for Margaret)

> Nearly all of the demons here use attacks that will put you to sleep, so when you find
the "Blue Earring" (located at the beginning of the dungeon), equip it immediately!

Boss: Roundworm
Recommended Level: 13
> As Michael, equip the Trident. First, strike the Roundworm with Lancer until he becomes Blinded,
and proceed to pummel him with Poseidon Spear. His Quake spell will be incredibly dangerous but
if he succumbs to "Silence", then you won't have much to worry about. Keep your eye on your Soul
and use a Spirit Capsule BEFORE it hits zero.
> As Margaret, you can make short work of him through repeated usages of "Twister." Heal
when needed, and the Roundworm should fall in about three or four turns. Also, make sure you equip
the Golden Band to prevent yourself from being stunned.


TEMPLE (Chapel)

-> Demons
Carnal - (Element: Fire, Weak against: Axe, Strong against: Blade, Thrust)
Skull Candy - (Element: Thunder, Weak to: Holy, Strong to: Fire, Ice, Earth, Wind)
Watch - (Element: None, Weak against: Axe, Thrust, Thunder)
Reaper - (Element: Evil, Weak against: Axe, Strong against: Blade, Thrust)
Black Widow - (Element: Ice, Weak against: Axe, Thunder, Strong against: Blade, Thrust)
Hollow - (Element: None, Weak against: Axe, Thunder)

-> Items
Axe (for Michael)
Book of Thunder (for Margaret)
Book of Rejuvenation (for Margaret)

Boss: Michael
Recommended Level: 13-14
At the beginning of the fight, you'll need to cast Restore every round to prevent getting a
gameover (which is possible here!). Use Guard as soon as your Life is full and Heal + defend
every round until Michael transforms. Once that happens, pummel him with Tera but be
extremely mindful of your Life points and heal if they drop below 300.

> As Michael, equip the Axe immediately. It will give you a huge advantage over the
demons in this dungeon, for many of them are weak against it including the boss.
> Equip your character with the Golden Band to prevent them from being stunned.
> To complete the dungeon, you must insert the code to reveal the hidden staircase.
Several notes are scattered throughout the area. You have to read them and resite
the numbers in numeric order (ex, 1...2...3...4...etc,).
> There is a sealed room here that your character will not have access to. This is
a SECRET DUNGEON that will only unlock after certain conditions are met (read more
about this in the Instruction Manuel).

Boss: Xiba
Recommended Level: 19
> Before entering the battle, equip the Blue Earring.
> As Michael, pummel the beast with "Hunter's Swing" and you will finish the battle in due
> As Margaret, strike the beast with "Bolt" until he transforms into his second form. Then,
strike him with "Aqui" until he dies. Make sure to use "Guard" at the start of the battle
and keep an eye on your Life line.


TEMPLE (Master's Chambers)

-> Demons
Him - (Element: None, Weak against: Holy, Bladed, Strong against: Thrust)
Harbringer - (Element: Evil, Weak against: Bladed)
Pyrite - (Element: None, Weak against: Earth, Axe)
Oruba - (Element: Water, Weak against: Bladed)
Warlock - (Element: None, Weak against: All Weapons, Strong against: All Magicks)

-> Items
Life Capsule Pro (3)
Spirit Capsule Pro (2)
Tablet x 5
Spirit Capsule
Luther's Spear (for Michael)
Queenship (for Margaret)


> For the first time, you get to control an entire section with two characters instead of one.
Debbie and Torgo usually make good decisions, so you won't have to worry about them. The foes
won't hesitate to unleash their strongest spells upon you, so don't be afraid to take them
out before they get a chance to strike you.

Boss: The Maidens
Recommended Level: 23-25
> Before entering, equip Michael with the Hammer if you're using him.
> Make sure that BOTH of your characters are equipped with the "Golden Band" accessory.
> The tip to surviving this battle is to use your Hit-all attacks. Individually, the Maidens don't
have a lot of Life, and the battle will become significantly easier once one is down. Each of their
moves inflict a status-abnormality unto the target, so heal with Tablets if they become too much of
a bother. As Margaret, spam "Aqui" upon the Gold Maiden until she dies, and destroy the Blue Maiden
with repeated usages of "Bolt." Kill the Green Maiden with Tera, and the Red Maiden with "Freeze."
> As Michael, use "Hammer Strike" every round, which should paralyze most, if not all of Maidens.
If you're low on Soul, recover before the Maidens return to normal.

Boss: The Master
Recommended Level: 25
> Before entering the fight, equip the "Sapphire Locket" for Margaret, and the "Hiki Necklace" for
> As Michael, knock The Master out with your strongest skills. The Sword or the Spear would be
ideal weapons for the fight. The Axe would be another safe choice, although it may potentially
lengthen the battle. Always keep Michael's Life above 400, because the Master will unexpectedly
change in between different forms the closer you get to beating him, and unsurprisingly, each
subsequent form is stronger than the one that proceded it.
> As Margaret, immediately cast "Guard" and hammer The Master down with "Bolt". Not only is Bolt
his weak spot, but it also has a high chance to paralyze him. Keep Margaret's Life above 400 at
all times.

Final-Boss: Son of Solomon
Recommended Level: 25+
> Status abnormalities will not work on him, making Michael's Sword the best weapon to use.
Bash him with "Realm of the Tide" until he transforms. In his second form, he will only use
"Key of Solomon", so attack, heal, attack, heal until the battle is over.
> As Margaret, use Guard immediately and spam him with "Sacred." Watch out for "Torch Breath"
which has a chance to inflict Confusion, and Margaret is a much bigger danger to herself than
the demon is. Always keep your Life above 500.