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Mankind took over the stars, as a sign of their innovation, yet recognizing their mother planet's gradual demise. One of the planets they've colonized as one of their progressive homes is Iota Orionis IV. The tale is told through Gracia Samonte, a Filipino scientist who found a piece of an artifact which may either protect mankind or even turn back against them.

Now, the conflict over the artifact pieces sparked, between other corporations, gangs, and even from the outside...

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Progress Report: 11/23/2010 1:52pm GMT+8:00

I just realized there's a PSP title named 'Frantix', and it's of a different genre. Now, I've been thinking about a title change. For a title change to happen, I consider the following factors:

Since the game takes place in Hatsya star system, particularly on the 4th planet, in which different inhabitants deal with each other, and later formed connections due to a series of discoveries they've found.
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This looks interesting and I like the map design.
sci-fi fururistic rpgs are one of my favorites.
and the story itself is enough to attract me.

don't care if the graphics are up-to-date or dated!
the update just give more interest on my side.
hopefully it wont go abandon-ware, lol.
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